Monday, September 24, 2012

2012-13 Goals du Mythomania!?!

Really? Here we go again over there on Mythomania Lane. Up for vote tonight at the Board's Action meeting-a-mundo are the Board's Goals for the 2012-13 School Year. Once again, it's disconcerting to see them rise to the level of mediocrity. How hard is it to write a well thought out and comprehensive set of goals that addresses the immediate and long term needs of a school district our size - without all the silly rhetoric and hyperbole?

Let's take an example from these four (4) goals they have listed. "Continue to exhibit fiscal responsibility by keeping the growth in spending in the next budget below the increase in spending in the current budget."
Really? How do you continue to exhibit Fiscal Responsibility if you haven't done it yet? In this case, the 2012-13 budgeted Spending is $212.2 million, up $7.2 million over the 2011-12 budget - and the 2011-12 had Spending of $205.0 million and that was up $6.4 million over the 2010-11 budget. So, if the Spending increase in this current year budget (2012-13) was up by $7.2 million and that's up over last year's increase of $6.4 million - how is it even possible to make such a disingenuous statement? It's not only a misleading choice of words to say "Continue" but to call it "Fiscally Responsible" to let uncontrolled Spending go Unchecked?!? A new definition to add the Board's Mythomania dictionary to go along with their definition of Savings. Blah! blah!, blah!

And here's another tad bit of a concern - since the Board takes these goals and turns them into Criteria for Dr. Richard "Build the Trust" O'Malley's Performance Bonus - does that mean that an increase in Spending of $7.1 million gets him some more bonus money in 2012-13?

There's more on the three (3) other Goals but I'm beginning to bore myself with their repetitive silliness. But I do like the term "Functional Education Space" - it's hilarious. And "Utilizing state assessment data" is a hoot too. But hey, I'm sure O'Malley likes these type thingies going into his Performance Bonus - whether he achieves them or not!

Anyhoo, here's the Board's Goals for the School Year 2012-13 (the comment in Red is just something that I think they should of added:
It really is the Land of Mythomania over there!

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