Thursday, March 28, 2013

Maeroff & Heelan Endorse the 3 incumbents - there's a shocker!

Just read their letter to the editor in today's HNT. Always get a kick out of them when they write letters to the editor. Of course, they're entitled to support anyone they want - No problema. They like Bonderowitz, Iyer & Ward - good for Maeroff & Heelan.

But seriously, some of their gratuitous comments about their accomplishments you have to take with a large dose of skepticism and the rest - with some actual cynicism.  As I commented on that piece - they write these thingies from over there on Mythomania Lane - where truth and reality have some difficulty intersecting.

Seriously, no one should excuse the shoddy treatment this board has heaped upon the residents and taxpayers here in Downtown Edison. From their lack of accountability & transparency to their deceptive and misleading budgets over the last 3 years - you need to wake up and smell the dandelions with this bunch! Re-electing them again will give you the same treatment you're getting now.

Until we get some people on the board who'll actually look out for the Resident/Taxpayers, the $pending under control, some transparency and accountability - you'd be foolish to give them any more money to add to that Big Pot of Money they call a budget.

Anyhoo, if reality is an important part of your life and you can't see why there's School Tax increases every year, then do yourself a big favor. Vote No on this $213.9 million 'Pot of Money' budget for 2013-14. Start by making them give back all that tax relief money they Re-purposed into $pending!

Yeah, they're independent all right - independent of the left out stakeholders, the Resident/Taxpayers who pay the bills.

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