Thursday, April 18, 2013

Board of Mythomania's Defeated School Budget - on to the Edison Council!

Well, the residents rejected the Board of Mythomania's $213.9 million Out-of-Control $pending Nightmare called a School Budget for 2013-14. That's good - but you really have to scratch your head when those responsible for this taxpayer abuse get re-elected! Who do you think is responsible for this School Budget? But I digress, so let's move on.

Since the School Budget was rejected, it now goes over to the Edison Council for review. The School Board has 2 days from certification of the election results to provide them with a 'Defeated Budget Package' (see below) and no later than April 24, 2013. Then, the two bodies get together and review the School Budget. It is now the Edison Council's responsibility to certify the School tax levy (amount of money necessary for school purposes to be raised by taxes for the ensuing school year).

Now, the Edison Council can do any number of things here. They can respect the residents' rejection of this School Budget and cut the School tax levy. They can do nothing and leave it as is or they could actually raise the school tax levy although that is not likely.

Either way, the School tax levy has be certified no later than May 20, 2013.

With respect to the 'Defeated Budget Package' that is provided to the Edison Council, there's a whole list of thingies required. Here's some of the thingies for their light reading:
  • It includes a line-item School Budget including actual expenditures for the previous school year, actual budgeted amount for the current school year, proposed budgeted amount for the ensuing school year, and all the supporting documentation and narrative explanations.
  • Numbers of professional and nonprofessional staff during the current school year - together with reasons for any increase or decrease.
  • Employee and Labor contracts, etc.
  • Pupil enrollment by grade
  • Salary schedules by employee - current and budget year account and salary for all employees.
  • Explanation of any need for any capital projects and or deposits into capital reserves.
  • Applicable portions of the Taxpayers Guide to Education Spending.
  • Any other documentation deemed necessary.
Anyhoo, let's hope the Edison Council does what's right for the residents and taxpayers here in Downtown Edison.

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