Thursday, April 25, 2013

Edison 2013 Muni Budget - introduced at last night's meeting?!?

Well, last night the Edison Township Council introduced the 2013 Municipal Budget without any fanfare or without anything. They just opened it up for public discussion. Now, maybe it's me but you think they could of given a simple summary of where the Municipal Budget stands - you know, like what are the appropriations, revenues and local tax levy, the muni-tax rate and how did those items change from last year?? Did the muni-tax rate go up, down or stay the same?? Something, anything to give a basic framework to the residents and taxpayers.

Nah! Just ask your questions. That works, I guess, if you have a copy of the Municipal Budget at the meeting to look and to ask questions from. What a way to Not inform people who showed up for the meeting and those who will watch it later about the Introduced Municipal Budget for 2013!

Here's a Summary of the Municipal Budget for 2013:

The only thing I've seen on this Municipal Budget is a piece in the Sentinel here.

Now, apparently, the Council will be amending this Municipal Budget and have given out these dates:
April 24 - Introduced Municipal Budget (last night's meeting)

  • May 1 - Public Meeting with the department heads
  • May 8 - Amended Municipal Budget will be released
  • May 22 - Public Meeting on the Amendment to the Municipal Budget
Anyhoo, don't you just get a kick out of how Politics in Downtown Edison always seem to benefit the few at the expense of the many!

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