Sunday, February 9, 2014

I get by with a little help from my friends - Lankey Style

Well, looks like Mayor Tom 'Form over Substance' Lankey's 'Fresh Start' tour is in full swing. Took a look at the agenda for Monday night's Council meeting and saw the following:

1. Award of Professional Service Contract for Financial Consulting Services (R.065-022014).

2, Resolution hires Anthony Russomanno as a salaried Township employee with the title 'Constituent Relations Administrator (Resolution R.077-022014).

3. Ordinance amends the Edison Township Code to increase the dollar amount for which the Business Administrator may contract for goods or services without the necessity of obtaining Municipal Council Approval (O.1855-2014).

So, let's see what's going on here. Lankey gives a financial services (not to exceed) $75,000 no-bid contract to member of the Council's Finance Committee, a Constituent Relations Administrator $65,000 salaried position to his campaign manager (yeah, I know, it's part of the settlement) and Rob 'March on Trenton' Karabinchak will lead the Council in reducing the $ amount the administration has to go to the Council for contract approvals.

Nothing fresh about this start!

Let's take these one by one;

1. The $75,000 no-bid Financial Consulting Services contract to Joe Petrucelli, a member of the Council's Finance Committee. It further reads that the Township has a need for financial consulting services to include but not limited to payroll system implementation and utilization, data migration and budget preparation assistance.

First, for purposes of full disclosure, Joe's my friend and he's been volunteering for years trying to help the taxpayers out by working with the Council and Administration over there on Municipal Boulevard. So, you have to give him credit for trying but it's hard to help people who only want your help - only if you agree with them. Don't know why he tortures himself.

Having said that though - you really have to ask the question why Lankey feels this is necessary. We have  (1) a mayor who is a top notch finance guy, (2) a mayor who was the Chair of the Council's Finance Committee, (3) a Business Administrator, (4) a Chief Financial Officer and, (5) an auditor. Not enough talent or expertise there?

2. The $65,000 Constituent Relations Administrator salaried position to Anthony Russomanno, his campaign manager. I recognize that Rob 'March on Trenton' Karabinchak thinks this position is important and overlooked by many administrations but who believes or takes seriously what he says?

What the heck is a Constituent Relations Administrator and what was Lankey thinking?!? This guy is so entrenched in Dem Party campaign mode -  what's he going to contribute to all the residents of Edison - another disingenuous Dem Party campaign flyer? What will he do? Does he go around town meeting with just the registered Democrats and potential Democrats or all residents?

But hey, got an idea for his first assignment. He can take his Dem Party Campaign mailing list and head over there to Knapp Ave. and try and help those people who are dealing with the Cell Tower - who knows, maybe some of them are Democrats?!?

3. Raising the limit for contracts that have to go to the Council for approval. You remember what this was all about. Lankey and the Council reduced the amount so Ricigliano had to get their approval for spending money. Of course, this also came back to bite them when they had to approve Russomanno's landscaping fees over there at the Library Board. Now they all trust each other - so there's no need for that anymore!

So, there you go. Lankey Law to go with his 'Fresh Start' tour.

The Lankey Team
Perilstein, Russomanno, Karabinchak and Petrucelli

Agenda excerpts:

 La Ley de Lankey:
Anyhoo, here's a thought to keep his 'Fresh Start' team together during this Fresh Start' tour. Lankey should hook up Skype in town hall or better yet, convert over to Mac so everyone can do some FaceTime!

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