Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Keep voting in the same people over there on Mythomania Lane - and You'll keep getting the same results!

You know, it would be nice for a change if we had a board that actually looked out for all the stakeholders, which includes those, often forgotten, people who pay the bills - the residents and taxpayers. Seems we've switched the direction of where we spend all that money - but not the amount of money.

What's seriously missing on this Maeroff Board, which is just a carryover from the Dickinson Board, is someone looking out for the residents & taxpayers here in Downtown Edison. You know, some accountability and reporting to the stakeholders about what goes on over there on Mythomania Lane.

So, keep voting in the same people and you'll most definitely get the same results.
Anyhoo, if you like a school board that doesn't recognize the residents and taxpayers as stakeholders too - then go ahead knock your socks off and keep that 'One mind fits all mentality' over there on Mythomania Lane going! Though, don't be surprised by what happens if you do.

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