Monday, May 5, 2014

Senator Barnes got it right - where's the support from Edison's officials?!?

Well, just saw the HNT editorial today here - Internal affairs units need outside help. They support Senator Barnes effort to reform the internal affairs system in New Jersey - and I'm happy to see them do it.

You know, Barnes had it right with Wards when he was a councilman here in Downtown Edison and he's got it right now, especially here in Downtown Edison. Enough of this home-rule mentality and time to open up this one-party town to some outside scrutiny.

Everybody was asking for help with the police department from the chief & police union to the mayor and now that it could happen with Barnes' bill - nobody in Edison's administration wants to step up and support it? What's that all about?

Anyhoo, if it's supposed to be about the people of Edison, then everyone in Downtown Edison should be on board.

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