Sunday, June 7, 2015

It's one thing to play Follow the Leader with 'Doc' here in Downtown Edison

but it's quite another with Anthony - he's NO 'Doc!'

With all due respect to the 156 people who get to vote on a new EDO Chairman tomorrow night in a town where the only competition comes from the internal feuds within the party, think about what will happen to your party before you vote!

In a town with some 100k people, some 55k registered voters (25k Dems, 24K Unaffiliated and only 6K Republicans) and where it only takes some 8k votes to be elected mayor - you'd be inviting chaos and confusion into your leadership and most assuredly, allowing the disgruntled Dem factions and, let's not forget, the Republicans back into the fray - and a fray it will be.

Now, I am clearly not a fan of the EDO, the party that made Edison Safe for Hypocrisy, and have no interest in or realistic expectations from the EDO or what they do other than I am a Democrat and have lived in this one-party town for a long time and can always see ways to make things better for all the people and not just the few hand-picked insiders that benefit now.

I'd rather see real reform come from the Dems - at least those Dems who care about all the people of Edison and not those Dems who will say what you want to hear and pretend to be reformers to get in and then do something else when they do get in. We have far too many of the latter already.

Anyhoo, what do I know, if you're lining up your ducks for tomorrow night, let's hope the smart ducks line up behind the right person - and, not that you should care what I think, but that person isn't Anthony:

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