Monday, June 29, 2015

Kumbaya in Mayor ChoiLankey's DemBadLands - well, that didn't take long!?!

Saw the piece here in the SL - 'Kumbaya noises emanate from Edison Dems' and the photo of Keith Hahn shaking hands with Anthony Russomanno.

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm happy that someone stepped in to put their public feuding to an end and they can dump on each other privately, if they want, but you really have to wonder what Hahn was thinking to go along with this silliness. Kind of puts a kink in his credibility to lead the party for the People of Edison and not just the same old..same old for the party itself.

Certainly, there were ways for Chairman Hahn to accomplish the same goals of demonstrating Dem party unity for the 'groupies' and for the public's benefit without being marched out as a pawn in a photo op for the Local Dem party.

So says Hahn & Russomanno - 'It's a lot harder to make peace', Hahn said at the Democrats' Tano Mall headquarters, but they've worked hard to so so, with a common goal of electing Democrats. Russomanno nodded. 'I couldn't have said it better, he said.

Can you say Roll Over - Roll Over?

But hey, at least all the Local Dem pols took advantage of Hahn's comments:

'..Everyone in attendance said they agreed: With four council seats up for election in November, it's in time focus on electing Democrats. Everyone who spoke - literally everyone, from Lankey, to county Democratic Chairman Kevin McCabe, to all four council candidates, to Freeholder Charles Tomaro - echoed that sentiment.'

Yeah, it's time to focus on electing Dems here in Downtown Edison - anyone even remember when someone other than a Dem was elected here in Downtown Edison?!? But look, at least Charlie 'I Abstain' Tomaro showed up to lend his support. What would we do without his on-going sage guidance and commentary?

If you're keeping score - score one up for the Local Dems - thanks Keith:

Anyhoo, what do I know, I just hope Hahn brought some extra-strength hand soap with him to the meeting.

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