Saturday, September 26, 2015

Welcome back Phil Labasi to Downtown Edison!

Just saw this Letter to the Editor here by Phil Labasi in Tap into Edison dated August 20, 2015. A former 3-term Edison BoE member, he offers advice for evaluating Edison BoE Candidates.

He talks about his goal, while a board member, of directing funding to educating students while avoiding waste. He talks about how he tried to be fiscally responsible by posing a simple question - 'How does this improve education and what is the tax impact?'

He points out some of his achievements and failures in controlling costs - and how he is going to look to how specifically (candidates) they will be fiscally responsible.

As he says, 'Being fiscally intelligent translates into more money for educating our students.'

Good advice and worth a read if you haven't seen it.

I remember Phil Labasi when he was on the board back then and he was a fighter for fiscal responsibility. A person who truly fought for the kids but never simply at taxpayers expense.

Anyhoo, nice to see you back in Downtown Edison Senior Phil!

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