Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Bet Mayor Tom 'Now 11.1' ChoiLankey had to hold back the vomit to support Rob 'March on Trenton' Karabinchak for 18th District Assembly?!?

Kind of laughed when I saw this piece here in the HNT. What made me laugh was this quote from Señor Lankey:

“Experience counts when it comes to our collective voice in the Statehouse,” Lankey said in the statement. “Rob's tenure on the Township Council, his experience as a successful small business owner, and his history of community service are meaningful credentials for our next 18th District Assemblyman. Rob is a "fiscal conservative. Always mindful of the bottom line, he is routinely concerned about how government actions impact our taxpayers. I am confident we can expect nothing less from Rob when he gets to Trenton."
Experience and tenure on the Edison council is a meaningful credential and he's a fiscal conservative who is always mindful of the bottom line and how government impacts our taxpayers?? Really, this is the same guy who can't handle and scours at residents and taxpayers who disagree with him or offer differing opinions at council meetings. His political persona is to treat anyone who challenges or disagrees with him as persona non grata. Silly me, I always thought that performance was what counted, not experience.
And, let's not forget what a great bottom line guy he is and how he's so concerned about how government action impact the taxpayers - he's the guy who actually sat up on the council and denied there was a municipal tax increase when the tax bills with the tax increase in them were already sent out and we already paid half the tax increase. He's the guy who actually claims to be the bastion of protection against property tax appeals when he himself was filing tax appeals for both his home and business and tried to hide it in a council resolution to hire an outside attorney.
There's more if you want - just go back and read past posts in this blog. I particularly like how on the Finance Committee all he could find to cut out of Lankey's some $220 in ambush muni-tax increases was a whopping $9 dollars!
So, with all due respect to my friend Señor Lankey - I respectfully disagree with your choice of and assessment of Rob 'March on Trenton' Karabinchak and can only conclude that you chose to stick it to the People of Downtown Edison and do the Party thing with this endorsement and worse, passing on a mistake to the other towns in the 18th District. They don't deserve that kind of treatment.
From watching what Karabinchak says and then does, I obviously don't think much of his performance on the Edison Council. He's more about himself climbing the Dem party ranks than the people of Edison. He should of never even been on the Edison Council. He lacks any sense of consistency and loyalty and has been on more sides of the fence than anyone I've seen in Edison Dem Party politics.
In my opinion, he lacks the substance and ability to handle any type of criticism and defend positions he's taken or gone along with in an appropriate manner and is, more often than not, unreliable and untrustworthy.
Finally, and unfortunately, he'll blow which ever way the wind is blowing if he thinks it's to his advantage.
Moving on, does it really matter if four of his fellow council members (Michael Lombardi, Alvaro Gomez, Ajay Patil and Leonard Sendelsky) in this one-party oligarchy we call Edison endorse him? Even better, if Charlie 'I Abstain' Tomaro endorses him, then you gotta know that's a problem.
Anyhoo, given his charming personality and lack of depth and substance, don't see how Karabinchak would be helpful in the State Assembly to anyone other than himself.

When you let Politics prevail over People:

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