Monday, November 7, 2016

Geez - it only Cost You $5 million for Super O'Malley to get his $20,900 Bonus?!?

Silly me, what am I thinking? The Board of Mythomania hasn't yet learned that $pending is an activity and Not an accomplishment.

But hey, what do I know? I always thought performance bonuses had to be based on more than just purchasing items with Our Money.

Geez, buy some gym equipment; pay for an outside student transportation study and then buy some buses; buy enough Mac laptops to wallpaper the buildings and you get $20,900 for your purchasing efforts?!?

And let's not forget to have a bunch of meetings with the captive audience, the parents, and have them fill-out a survey when they're done - you only have to get a 75% approval rating from your captive audience!

Here's what they $pent Your Money on:

Anyhoo, use to think that the Board of Mythomania was Leading from Behind over there on Mythomania Lane but Not anymore. Sure seems they lost total sight of him.

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