Thursday, July 19, 2018

Mayor Tom 'Now 17.1% but Won't Debate' ChoiLankey's 2018 Budget Presentation - Blah..blah

Well, just took a look at Señor Lankey's Budget Presentation for 2018. I mean it's only the middle of July and by this time he has more than half the years actual numbers - so really what you have here is a half year budget.

Just a reminder if you want to see what your property tax bill will be for 2018, just look at the June 12th posting in this blog, which was based on the 3rd Qtr. estimated tax bills they sent out. The only difference in this presentation is that they dropped a tenth of a cent from the Muni tax and added it to the School tax - but hey, bet they'll like that over there on Mythomania lane.

But I digress, so let's move on. I'll spare you by not repeating the tax rate numbers in the June 12th post.You can see them there if you want.

Really now, it's hard for someone like me to look at these presentations and not wonder what they were thinking.

You know, I don't have any problem when politicians place the facts in a light most favorable to themselves but geez, Señor Lankey Spins this presentation so much - he makes himself dizzy.

So, let me tell you where he lost me right off the bat. If you notice on the Schedule '2014-2018 Tax Levy Breakdown, he shows you the change from 2014 to 2018 and the Muni tax went up by only 8.38% - not bad for 4 years under Lankey. Not bad until you realize he left out 2014, his first year in office.

Seems if you take the change in the Muni rate from 2013 to 2018, then you'll see that Mayor Tom 'Now 17.1% but Won't Debate' ChoiLankey actually raised the Muni tax by 17.1% since he's been in office.

That's Not Nice!

But hey, here's his presentation - enjoy the blah..blah!

Anyhoo, I wouldn't expect the 7 Processing Clerks over there at 100 Oligarchy Blvd. to make any changes to Señor Lankey's 2018 budget. For the last 4 years, they adopted all of Lankey's tax increases each and every year.

Edison Board of Mythomania appoints new 'Interim Super'

Well, according to Jerry 'Needs to Step-down' Shi, there were 21 applicants for the interim super, 5 were interviewed and 2 were presented to the full board. The board selected Paul Saxton over Dr. Seitz with a board vote of 6 to 2 with one absent.

Shi, Brescher, Ward, Peng, Moroney & Prasad-Madhukar voted in the affirmative and Patel & Destefano voting No, preferring Dr. Seitz.

Best I could make of it, Mr. Saxton was both Super and Interim Super in the following places from 1980 to now (with apologies for misunderstanding the names of and spelling of these places):

  • Demarest School District
  • Ramapo
  • Fort Lee
  • Parsippany
  • Oradell
  • Hopatcong

Apparently, he'll serve from August 3, 2018 until June 30, 2019 on a per diem basis until a final contract is negotiated and approved by the full board.

No mention what that per diem will be other than it won't exceed the max allowed by law.

Here's the meeting and what was said about their pick:

Anyhoo, welcome Mr. Saxton. Top two priorities for the Board of Mythomania - first, having Jerry 'Needs to Step-down' Shi actually step-down as Board President for his ineffective and lack of transparent leadership with both the board and the public and second, getting serious with the Overcrowding.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Time to pick a new 'Interim Super' over there on Mythomania Lane

Well, it looks like the Board of Mythomania will be selecting a new 'Interim Super' at tomorrow night's meeting.

Here's their notice:

Let's hope that the process ends up including all board members and everyone has a chance to their say one way or the other.

Let's face it, under Jerry 'Needs to Step-down' Shi's leadership up until now, if you're a board member and you don't have a seat at the table - then you're on the menu.

Anyhoo, let's hope the final pick is a collective one and a good match for the challenges, complexities, issues and opportunities the school district offers.

Monday, July 16, 2018

Revised School State Aid Numbers for 2018-19

Well, just saw the revised school aid numbers on the DoE's website. The revisions are from the original Gov's budget message and the final budget approval.

Here's some summaries:

Middlesex County:

The Top 25 Increases in State Aid:

The Top 25 Decreases in State Aid:

Anyhoo, let's hope the Board of Mythomania doesn't hoard the extra $3.5 million and returns it to the taxpayers. After all, it's Not Nice to raise school taxes by 6.6-cents (2.2%) this year and then hoard the money that comes later, which is meant to offset it.

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

What to do..what to do with additional state school aid over there on Mythomania Lane?!?

Well, looks like with the recent passage of the NJ State Budget of $37.4 billion, there's going to be some more school aid. Specifically, the new state aid numbers for us here in Downtown Edison are estimated at $19,766.625, which is up $4.274,601 or 27.6% over last year's $15,492,024.

Now, since our school district budget of $250.7 million already included the Guv's preliminary budget increase in state aid of $774,601, that means there's an additional $3,500,000 in state aid coming our way. That takes our original school aid increase of $774,601 or 5% up to $4,274,601 or 27.6%.

Here's the estimates used subject to finalization for Middlesex County:

So, what's the Board of Mythomania, aka..Board of Cap Bank Munchers Extraordinaire, Board of Hoarders, Board of EDems, Board of Silence and, let's not forget, self-described Board of Dysfunctional gonna do with this additional state aide??

Hoard it and use it to increase the already Bloated Out-of-Control $pending they have every year? Whether you believe it or not, they don't have a Revenue problem with these $250 million school budgets, they have a $pending efficiency problem and giving them more money before they get control of the money they already have will just go down the black hole over there on Mythomania Lane.

Here's a thought - give it back to the taxpayers. Since they already increased our school taxes to $3.044 per 100 with this year's Bloated School Budget, which is up 6.6-Cents or 2.2% over last year's rate of $2.978 - shouldn't they just give it back to us? Isn't this state aid (even if received later) supposed to help reduce the burden on the local taxpayers by reducing the school tax rate? After all, we pay close to 90% of the school tab!

Not Nice to Raise School taxes and then Hoard the state aid money that comes later, which is meant to offset it. But hey, it's not like they haven't Hoarded this kind of additional aid before over there on Mythomania Lane.

Anyhoo, besides Jerry 'Needs to Step-down' Shi actually stepping down as Board President, using the additional state aid for its intended purpose has to be priority number two over there on Mythomania Lane.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

'Just look at yourself, you're so emotional' - so says Jerry 'Needs to Step-down' Shi

Well, that was an interesting Board of Education Action Meeting to say the least. Seems someone finally called out Mr. Shi for his failed leadership.

Kudos to Board Vice-President Beth Moroney for pointing out to Mr. Shi that he has to work with all Board Members whether they agree with him or not or whether he likes them or not.

Seems Mr. Shi won't work with any Board Members who don't agree with him or his opaquely single-minded agenda.

'I'm not going to work with Board Members who say No.' Well, that's nice!

All of this nonsense prompted by Mr. Shi's seriously flawed process to pick a new interim superintendent. You know, that secret process where not only Board Members were shut-out but the public too. Seems Mr. Shi likes to do things his way and if you disagree with him, he'll cut you out of the decision-making process.

Apparently, his leadership style is an ineffective temperament trumped only by his insensitivity with how he communicates.

"Look at yourself, you're so emotional' - he says to Mrs. Moroney in response to her critique of his leadership. Whoa! Who says that to someone on the Board - especially when she wasn't. And then to try and go after her for voting No on the change in Risk insurance carrier as support for ignoring her?

Really? She's an elected official and has a right to vote anyway she believes is best.

So, while Mr. Shi may have the best of intentions - he can't effectively communicate it to the Board or the public and really, really, really needs to Step-down as Board President.

Here's the Board of Ed Action Meeting on 6/18/18:

Just as an aside, while I applaud the Board's efforts to examine the $pending efficiency problems they've had for years, Mr. Shi has to Stop saying he's Saving money for the taxpayers with these insurance thingies. He's Saving Nothing for the taxpayers. All they're doing is repurposing the difference by changing vendors to another budget line.

Anyhoo, the rest of the Board really needs to step-Up and move Mr. Shi out of the Board President role. It's just gonna get worse as we go forward under Mr. Shi's leadership.

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Whoa..just another reason why Board of Mythomania's Jerry 'Needs to Step-down' Shi - Really Needs to Step-down!?!

Just saw this ad (below) in the Star Ledger today. Seems somewhat interesting since the Board has said zilch, nada, nothing publicly about what steps are being taken now to recruit a new superintendent and when they're planning to inform the public.

Super Dr. Richard 'Looking for the Exit Ramp' O'Malley resigned in the papers back in March and the Board unanimously accepted his official resignation at the end of April - yet they have said nothing about his resignation or their plans to fill the spot until this shows up today.

So, what has the Board been doing all this time besides keeping the public out of the loop and uninformed?

Not for nothing but you have only until July 1st to submit a resume and a start date on or before July 30th. Really?!?

So, looks like we go from Shi blocking public comment before the Board takes action to now blocking any discussion or input of what they're actually doing here.

This thing stinks and Shi needs to step-down as Board President. You simply can't rely on this guy to make sure that all the stakeholders are included in the decision-making process for the next interim/superintendent.

Anyhoo, you should pay attention to what's going on over there on Mythomania Lane - doesn't look like it's any good and you might want to pay attention to who they come up with for an interim.