Tuesday, August 14, 2018

What some other districts did with their additional school aid!

Saw this piece here in NorthJersey.com about 'how some North Jersey school districts are using extra state aid to give tax breaks.'

Good to see how so many towns are using some of it for its intended purpose - tax relief.

Of course, here in the 'DEmBadLands" of Downtown Edison - residents and taxpayers are just a bottom less cash cow for the Tax and $pend mentality on both sides of town.

Anyway, just to refresh your memory over there on Mythomania Lane where the Out-of-Control $pending (that they call a school budget) is now up to $251 million and you pay close to 90% of it locally - you just have to remember what Jerry 'Needs to Step-down' Shi and the Board of Hoarders decided to do with that additional $3,500,000 in school aid we got.

They Hoarded it and Gave You No Tax Relief!

Anyhoo, aren't you glad you gave up your right to vote on these bloated pots of money they call school budgets and ability to vote down things like this?

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Edison BoE settlement in the Hart Discrimination suit - $307,500.00

Just an update to last month's Board of Education meeting where they approved the settlement with Mr. Hart in the discrimination suit - but didn't publicly disclose the amount of the settlement.

Just received the agreement from an OPRA Request made and the $307,500.00 is broken down $200,000.00 to Mr. Hart and the remaining $107,500.00 for attorney fees and costs.

If anyone wants to see the agreement, just drop me a note.

EHS Wrestling Coach Ken Pagach

Just saw this piece here about the passing of Edison's wrestling Coach Pagach. As someone who graduated from Edison back in '68, I remember fondly Coach Pagach. Although I was involved in other sports all year round, he had such a charismatic persona that he even convinced me to participate in intramural wrestling.

A wonderful teacher and coach, I'm sad to hear of his passing but will always remember him.

EHS Wrestling - Class of 1968:

With fond memories, RIP Coach Pagach.

Saturday, August 4, 2018

Once again, Taxation WITH Representation here in Downtown Edison!?!

Well, here in the 'DemBadLands' of Downtown Edison where arguably dubious annual property tax increases are a given year-after-year, after year, after year, after year, after year, it's good to see the rare occasion when one of our elected officials actually votes NO to a School District or Muni budget.

Such is the case with the 2018 School District and Muni-budgets.

Over there on Mythomania Lane, we had Board members Errico and Peng vote No on the $251 million school budget and over there on 100 Oligarchy Blvd. we had Council President Patil and Council member Coyle vote No on their $138 million Muni-bedget.

So, while both budgets still passed, you have to give credit to those elected officials who stood up and finally said No.

Kudos to to all four for recognizing that it's long overdue to give the taxpayers a break in this one-party town with their constant exponentially $hameful $pend and tax philosophy.

Anyhoo, at least we're comforted in the knowledge that SeƱor Lankey is Big on Shared Services with 'The Lankey Team for Edison Board of Education' in charge over there on Mythomania Lane.

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Just a Reminder..

After this November's election, we'll have the opportunity to move the School Board elections back to April and regain our right to vote on annual school budgets that now surpass $250 million. It can be done by; voter petition, the school board or the governing body taking action.

So, it's not too early to start the discussion and for the school board to raise the issue as an agenda item at one of its up coming meetings.

Given the politicization of last November's election of what's supposed to be an autonomous body, it's certainly worthy of an open and frank discussion of the pros and cons on how we the residents and taxpayers (who fund 90% of these school budgets) wish to go forward.

Remember 'The Lankey Team for Edison Board of Education?'

Anyhoo, it's not like this political alliance has done anything to fix the overcrowding in the schools that has been a problem for years now.

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Blah..blah.blah - still no Interim Superintendent over on Mythomania Lane!?!

Well, here we go again. At Monday night's meeting, the Edison Board of Education, aka Board of Mythomania, Board of Cap Bank Munchers Extraordinaire, Board of EDems, Board of Hoarders, Board of Silence and self-described Board of Dysfunctional - have once again demonstrated the ridiculousness of the process to hire an interim superintendent.

They appointed an interim but they won't tell you how much they'll be paying since they're still negotiating. And now they've appointed Margaret Contaldi (Director of Personnel) as acting super until Mr. Saxton and the Board agree on a contract.

Pay attention to the excellent public comments from Mrs. Bodofsky, Conway & Talky on this process and watch the reaction of Jerry 'Needs to Step-down' Shi.  It's Priceless!

They already appointed someone but they can't tell you how much they're paying him or if he'll even accept the position.

Good job by the Board in making a simple process into a game of hide and seek for the taxpayers.

But hey, there was one good thing - the board explaining all the resolutions up front and then allowing the public to ask questions rather than the usual practice of just opening up the resolutions for public comment without explanation.

And of particular interest is the settlement (without explanation) of the discrimination suit against the Board by the former Lincoln School principal.

Made an OPRA Request to see the settlement agreement.

And finally, remember that extra $3.5 million we got in additional state aid to reduce the school tax burden after the school budget was done and they already raised up our school tax to $3.044 per 100? That's a raise of 6.6-cents (2.2%) this year. Did they give it back to us as was the intended purpose?

Nah! The Edison Board of Hoarders just put in into a capital reserve and kept it. Not Nice to raise school taxes and then Hoard the money that comes later, which is meant to offset it!

A very informative meeting - NOT!

Here's the meeting, watch for yourself:

Anyhoo, the longer they drag out this interim superintendent appointment, the harder it gets to accept this process and their new appointment.

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Last November's BoE Election

Well, I just saw the emails below about the status of the flier that was put out against two of our BoE candidates for last November's election.

I just sent the email below to the Edison Council to ask for their assistance in resolving this matter and would ask all you to do the same, in the most convenient manner for you.

There's no place for this type of activity here in Edison and we all need to stand together on this one.

Hello Council Members,
I just saw these two emails below (from Keith Hahn & Sylvia Engel) about the unfortunate incident that went on during last November’s election here in town. Whether you support any particular candidate or not, whether you’re a Dem, Rep or Unaffiliated - there’s no room for this type of activity during one of our local local elections.

So, as our elected officials, I urge all of you to step-up and and join with the rest of the good people of Edison and help expedite the resolution of this matter. It makes us all look bad when it happens and worse if we let it go unchallenged.

Thanking you in advance,
Ralph Bucci
Please see the attached email from Sylvia Engle, Chairwoman of the Edison Republican Party. If unable to attend I would ask each of you to write a letter supporting charges be brought against the anonymous racist responsible for this flier. Republican or Democrat I think we all agree we can not allow anonymous communications such as this to become the norm. 
Thank you,
Keith Hahn

Hello Keith:
I was wondering if you have any friends on the Democratic side in Edison who would join us on August 22. This is not a Republican or Democrat issue this is a human rights issue. No candidate should be mistreated as Jerry Shi and Falguni Patel have been in this last school board election in town. We just want justice.
If you know of anyone who would help us please pass along this email.

Subject: August 22 Council Meeting/Very Important

Dear Edison Residents:
Let's join together at the August 22 Council meeting to speak out and demand that this ugly racist flier is thoroughly investigated so as we do not have a repeat in the next election in November. 
Sadly, I got calls from people who asked if we were responsible for this since we supported the opposing candidates in 2017 for school board
I do not condone nor would we have any part in such a mean spirited personal attack on two candidates who have every right to run for school board.
At the July 23 meeting, Councilman Diehl mentioned that it was under investigation.  However nine (9) months later we do not have any answers.
We cannot allow this to be the new norm in our elections. We are better than that so please join me on August 22 at 7pm in the Council Chambers to ask the Council to pass a resolution requesting the  Attorney General, Gurbir Grewal to charge and prosecute the coward/s who sent out this flier.
We cannot and will not tolerate this ugliness in our elections.
Hope you are enjoying the Summer.