Friday, June 23, 2017

$20; 'It's not much,' so says Dr. Frank - You think?!?

Well, it doesn't get any more humorous than this over there on Mythomania Lane. Just saw this piece here about the Board of Mythomania, aka Board of Hoarders, Board of EDems plan for the possible $1.6 million in additional aid from the State Dem Legislative Leaders plan! You can see where the $1.6 million number comes from in the June 15, 2017 post.

Not of nothing but I'm all for them giving back money to the taxpayers, they've been sticking it to the taxpayers year-after-year here in Downtown Edison, but you can't promise to give back money you don't have or may never see. Take that it's easy to promise something based on an 'if.' If we get something extra, we'll give it to you. If not, unlucky for you - you get nothing!

Maybe it's me, but I'd call that being a tad bit disingenuous and self-serving.

If they want to give back money to the taxpayers, they should of done it already with their bloated 'Pots of Money' they call school budgets which now approach close to $240 million (and which we fund some 90%), and the Board with Super Dr. Richard 'Looking for Exit Ramp' O'Malley taking $pending up 20% and the School tax rate up by another 20% over their journey together.

Can you imagine them offering to give you back $1.6 million in money they don't have but keeping and $pending $2.0 million in money they did get that was specifically earmarked for taxpayer relief? Pretty sure Dr. Frank remembers hoarding that money and using it to increase $pending in a later school budget.

So, if it makes them feel good to say they're gonna give back $20 on a $5,300 average school tax bill, let they glow in their ridiculousness.

The only change that is anyway meaningful to the taxpayers over there on Mythomania Lane is when we get a Board that focuses on how they're $pending the $240 million they do get every year and not on what they don't get in the way of additional state aid.

Even if they got the entire $23 million under the SFRA they're always Whining about - that's still less than 10% of the money they're already $pending. Seems it would be a tad bit more prudent to focus on the 90% and not the 10% - but that's what makes this Board what it is, a taxpayers' nightmare.

Anyhoo, if you do get that $20, better hold on to it because they'll come back for it the next budget go-round. Hey, somebody's got to pay for all that bloat in their budgets and, of course, Super O'Malley's performance bonuses now up to $58,960 with the lastest $17,623 award for the 2016-17 school year.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Geez..don't count on a 2017 Muni-Budget anytime soon - Estimated Property Tax Bills are out for the August payment!?!

Well, that's a tad bit disappointing. Just saw the estimated tax bill for August and that's not good news for whatever it is that's going on over there at 100 Oligarchy Blvd.

The estimated tax bill doesn't really tell you anything other than to pay whatever the amount is on the bill. There's  no explanation of where that number comes from or how they came up with it.

Seems the only 2017 tax rates we still need to find out about to know what the Total Edison Property Tax Bill will be for 2017 are on the Muni side of Downtown Edison.

We don't know the Muni-tax rate, the Library tax rate and the Garbage District tax rate.

We do know the School tax rate is $2.988, which is up 5.6-Cents or 1.9% over last year's rate of $2.932.

We do know the County taxes are $.890, which is up 3.5-Cents or 4.1% over last year's rate of $.855.

So, with the amount they want you to pay for the 3rd qtr., you can back into the the total property tax rate they used to come up with this estimated tax bill. Doing that, you come up with the total property tax rate used of $5.386, which is up 11-Cents or 2.1% over last year's rate $5.276.

While I do know that the combined Muni-tax, Library-tax and Garbage District taxes in total have to be around $1.508, which is up by 1.9-Cents or 1.3% over last year's rate of $1.489 - there's not enough information to break it down.

Here's my take on what we're gonna pay in Total Property Taxes for 2017 here in the 'DemBadLands' of Downtown Edison:

Anyhoo, what do I know? I still can't figure out how they can just send you a bill and say Pay it, without telling you how they came up with it.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

$17,623 Bonus day for Super Dr. Richard 'Looking for the Exit Ramp' O'Malley - even before the meeting!?!

Well, today was the Board of Mythomania's Retreat to review among other things, Senior O'Malley's Performance Bonus for School year 2016-17 and the Goals du jour for for 2017-18.

Here's the agenda:

Seems like they already made up their mind about what the bonus was going to be even before this meeting and the public had a chance to chime in.

The $17,623.00 is already on their agenda (on page 43) for Monday's meeting here and ready to send to the County Super.

Don't you just get a kick out of them determining the Bonus amounts for Monday's agenda before they do the Super's evaluation in today's meeting?

So much for bothering with today's meeting and taking public input on their review of the Super's performance for 2016-17.

So, what did he get for his performance against those 2016-17 merit goals?


Seems he got the Big Goose Egg on the quantitative goal relating to Before/After School Care worth $3,610.00 of his Max Bonus.


Here's the updated schedule:

Anyhoo, at least we're comforted in the knowledge that Super O'Malley didn't do anything to earn a bonus for Before/After School Care!

One down and one to go in the race to see Who's tenure is 'Raising You Up' the Most in Downtown Edison:

Hey, what do I know? They seem to be $miling.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

NJ Democratic Legislative Leaders Compromise on School Funding

Saw this piece here in about who Wins and Loses in the NJ School Funding compromise.

Says if the Democratic legislative leaders plan is enacted, then 379 districts would share $146 million for the school year that starts in September but 126 other districts would lose $46 million.

You should take a peek at the article. It's very interesting.

According to this piece, here's their data for what Middlesex County looks like, if enacted:
By County:
By Dollar Range:

Top 25 that Gain the Most:

Top 25 that Lose the Most:

You can go to the link above and see all school districts aid numbers or if you want this file, just drop me a note. You're welcome to it.

Where oh where is the 2017 Edison Muni Budget?!?

Well, not for nothing but the year is almost already half over and yet no word on what the 2017 Muni Budget looks like. Geez, how do you go six months into the calendar year without a budget?!?

We already know the Total Property Tax Rate for 2016 (includes Muni, School & County taxes) of $5.056 will be increased in 2017 by 5.6-Cents for the School tax increase, 3.4-Cents for the County tax increase and .001-Cent for the County Open Space tax.

That brings the Total Property Tax Rate for 2017 here in Downtown Edison up to $5.147 without the Muni & Library tax.

So, where's Mayor Tom 'Now 13.7%' ChoiLankey gonna take the 2016's Muni-tax rate of $1.269 this year - Up or Down?!?

Anyhoo, let's count the days until we can see the 2017 Muni Budget. Hopefully, we won't again have to get Estimated Property Tax Bills for August 2017. And, if the last 3 years history above is any example of the Council's review of Senior Lankey's 2017 budget, let's skip the dog & pony show of processing the mayor's paperwork. It's time well $pent - Not.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Not that it matters here in the 'DemBadLands" of Downtown Edison but..

Remember back in March when the County put out their 2017 Budget and had a piece in the HNT - 'Middlesex County 2017 Budget: $20 per household tax' (see March 6, 2017 post) - saying their tax increase would be less than 1% and Homeowners will pay about $20 more under their budget?

Well, just got the estimated 2017 County rates for the County tax and County Open Space tax from the Edison tax collector's office.

The estimated County tax for 2017 (Per 100) is .823, which is up .034 or 4.3% over 2016's rate of .789. If you live in that Mythical average home assessed at $178,300 - that's an increase of $60.62 for the County tax.

The estimated County Open Space tax for 2017 (Per 100) is .067, which is up .001 or 1.5% over 2016's rate of .066. If you live in that Mythical average home assessed at $178,300 - that's an increase of $1.78 for the County Open Space tax.

So, that's a total increase in County taxes of .035 or 4.1%. If you live in that Mythical average home assessed at $178,300 - that's an increase of $62.40 for County taxes in 2017.

Just an update for 2017 of the March 6, 2017 post showing the History of the County tax rate:

And let's not forget to give a Big round of applause to former Edison Councilman Charlie 'I Abstain' Tomaro (and now Deputy Dog of the Freeholders) for looking out for the People of Downtown Edison by continuing to $tabilize taxes.

Anyhoo, last time I looked, 4.3% is a tad bit more than Less than 1% and unless your house is assessed for $58,800 or less, then Your tax increase will be a tad bit more than $20.

Edison Dem Party Machine 1 0 People of Edison

Saw this piece here in about the Local Dem Party's vote for Chairman. Shariq Ahmad defeats Chairman Keith Hahn by a vote of 71 to 70. Congratulations to the winner, I guess.

Not much of a fan on Edison's Local Dem Party Oligarchy but the article has some interesting narrative on how this came about. You should read it. Never could quite grasp how only some 156 committee people get to determine how a town of over 100,000 is run.

But I digress, so let's move on.

So, who is Shariq Ahmad? I don't know. Heard of him but never met him but that's not important.

But I do know he is the Chief of Staff to Assemblyman Rob 'Mr. Temper-a-Ment' Karabinchak, and I do remember him as the EDO's Greatest Failure.

Remember his acute attention to detail:

Ands his charming personalty:

Anyhoo, I'd say what a mess the dysfunctional Local Dem Party puts this town in with all their ongoing in-fighting and power struggles - but that would be redundant.