Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Top 10 Reasons

why the Edison Township Council chose their campaign manager's wife as the new Township Clerk:

10. Because they wanted to attract and encourage the best & brightest talent available to come work for our town.

  9. Because they wanted to create a career path for the staff in the Clerk's office.

  8. Because they believe having absolutely no work experience in this field is the best kind of experience needed to head-up a department in Edison.

  7. Because it makes perfect sense to them that Robin, Michelle & the rest of the Clerk's staff should spend all the time needed to train their new boss.

  6. Because they didn't have to agree on a salary with this new hire before they voted on it and that's a money saver.

  5. Because a score of 97 on the first of 5 courses needed for a RMC by this hire was good enough for El Presidente Karabinchak.

  4. Because we expect the Council to do what's in the best interests of the people of Edison and they believe this is their flagship moment for demonstrating that public trust.

  3. Because they're not oblivious to how ridiculous their actions may seem to everyone else - they just know politics always trumps people in Edison.

  2. Because they were going for the Guinness Record for the best Resident & Taxpayer "In Your Face" by a local governing body.

  1. Because the Dem Party internal party power struggle has gotten so out of control that the abnormal & bizarre is now the norm in Downtown Edison's one-party rule.

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