Thursday, July 19, 2012

Edison's Board of Mythomania & Your Property Tax Bill

Well, if you took a look at your recently arrived 2012 Final/2013 Preliminary Tax Bill, this year's honor for the most egregious treatment of the residents of Downtown Edison goes to your friends and mine over there on Mythomania Lane. Hey, somebody's gotta win every year!

If you look at the bill, the total tax rate (which includes Municipal, County & School taxes) - you find the CY 2012 rate is $4.729 per hundred of assessed value. This is up 4.9 Cents over last year's $4.680.

If you look further, you'll find that while the Board of Mythomania gets 56% of the taxes you will pay in Downtown Edison for 2012 - this year they get top honors for creating the largest portion of your tax increase, a whopping 88%.

So, for every $1 you pay for increased taxes in 2012 - 88 Cents of it goes over to Mythomania Lane. But lets face it, they're really in dire need of money over there - with a $212.2 million budget that included a $7.2 million increase in Spending funded by hoarded taxpayer-relief money ($13.5 million over the last two years), they could use every penny they can get.

While the %'s of your total tax bill in CY 2012 that goes to the Municipal, County & School District taxing entities stayed approximately the same as last year - only the Municipal & County sides made an effort to reduce their % tax increases during these difficult times. But hey, Not the The Board of Mythomania. It does what it always does - Spends..Spends...Spends with little recognition of the stakeholders that pay the bills and for sure a tad bit short on the use of fiscal restraint.

When it comes to the Board of Mythomania - remember some thingies - (1.) there's a reason they're affectionately known as the 'Board of Mythomania', (2.) a reduction in an increase or proposed increase is not a savings to the taxpayers anywhere else other than on Mythomania Lane, (3.) re-purposing is just a fancy word for saying they'll spend every penny they can get our hands on - taxpayer interests aside and, (4) what politicians call a clever misdirection of the truth to achieve a greater good - others simply call a lie.

And you thought that $212.2 million School Budget for 2012-13 with a tax rate of $2.668, which was up 4.9 Cents over last year was the best-est ever budget to come to Downtown Edison in years.

Anyhoo, here's some thingies on the tax rate to look at:

And some history of the total tax rate:

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