Wednesday, October 3, 2012

NJ ASK Scores - Spring 2012

The NJ DOE released the New Jersey Assessment of Skills and Knowledge (NJ ASK) scores a while back to the districts and just received the total scores by grade by subject from the Edison BoE. These are total student scores for each grade and looking forward to getting the breakdown of these scores by school.

I simply took these total scores and compared them to our 2011 scores to see the change. Now, there can be a ga-zillion reasons for these changes but overall - these 2012 scores are a bit concerning. Seems there are areas where we need to seriously focus on and address to take away the inequity that appears to be sticking out. These are basic skills tests and we want to make sure that we're making every effort possible to educate all our kids - including those who may be struggling.

Now, in all fairness, I know the Board is focusing on these scores - they have it in one of their board goals for the 2012-13 school year. But you need more than words on a piece of paper - we need a well thought out plan that attacks the problem where it lays. For a district this large and diverse and the amount of money in play - you need to go a tad bit further than throwing a performance bonus on the Super to help these kids.

I truly hope there is such a correction plan in place.

Anyway, here's a score card of the total scores:
And here's a breakdown of the total scores for 2012 compared to 2011:
Finally, here's all the total scores:
Anyhoo, there's a PDF file received from the Edison BoE which contains the individual NJ ASK Total Score sheets that the above info was taken from. Anyone wanting this file - just drop me a note and you're welcome to it. When I get the breakdown of these total scores by school, I'll share that information with you.

An addition - %'s of Partially Proficient - Not Proficient or Advanced Proficient:

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