Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas in Edison - 2012

Twas’ two weeks before Christmas and those sly little elves,
Edison’s Board of Mythomania again labors to isolate themselves.
Not caring a wit what the people might think,
they lead from behind Super ‘Build the Trust’ O’Malley in spite of the stink.

And putting his thumb to the tip of his nose,
Maeroff said ‘O’Malley’s my guy and he tells me what goes.’
He thought O’Malley’s PHD would make for an easy sell,
but didn’t count on his inexperience bringing out a concerning yell.

He wasn’t concerned about misinforming the public per se,
dubious presentations and misleading arithmetic is the O’Malley way.
His Repurposed but still Out-of-Control Spending tour,
is sadly Not borne out by a single NJ ASK score.

So while we all scratch our heads and say What the Hey!,
 oversight and accountability is something he’s long tossed away.
You can bet that Maeroff is working hard on 2013-14’s Taxpayer Levy,
 using up last year’s taxpayer relief money leaves them nervous & a tad bit queasy.

He thinks we forgot about $80 budgets & that Staffing Shell Game,
and refusing to report out budgeted staffing changes shadows them all in shame.
A $212.2 million bucket of money without any controls or public scrutiny,
you wonder why their lack of monthly reporting comes with such Mytho-unity?

In this season of giving, Maeroff is again up to his Spending way,
this time, a $5 million gift to EHS where you don’t get to have a say.
While it seems he never sees Oversight as an anytime priority,
that Smarter than Us thingie brings them all up to a disappointing mediocrity.

If in this feeling I’m not alone,
take up your pen or pick up the phone.
Let Maeroff know that true leaders pave the way,
not hide behind others and claim they have no say.

With a Bond Referendum soon to be full with Super O’Malley quirks,
taking away the Board’s IPads should help wipe away all their big smirks.
And I heard them exclaim with all that taxpayer money in hand,
Merry Christmas to Edison, and let the uninformed taxpayers be damned!?!

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