Saturday, January 26, 2013

Edison Council making move on Board of Mythomania

Uh..Oh - looks like the all Democratic Council in Downtown Edison isn't too happy with the goings-on over there on Mythomania Lane. According to Rob 'March on Trenton' Karabinchak at the January 24th Council meeting - he wants to take up moving the BoE Elections from April to November at the next Council meeting! Yikes!!

Looks like they want a shot at taking over the Board of Education tambien!

Maybe you recall, back in January, 2012 , the Governor signed a law, which established procedures for moving the date of a school district's annual school election from April to the General Election in November. Some 468 school districts made the change last year and Edison was part of a handful that chose to stay with the Annual April Elections.

Quickly, thought for the change being that you get some school budget savings and increased voter participation. Further, the new levy cap greatly diminishes the need for a budget vote and those who move to November no longer have to submit their budgets for voter approval as long as they stay within the 2% tax levy cap.

This law permits a board of education, a municipal governing body or voters (by way of petition) to move the April annual board election to the date of the November general election. Under this law, the board and governing body each have independent authority to pass the resolution to move the April election to November. It is not required that both the board and governing body agree on the change of election date. A resolution to change the date from either government office is controlling.

Simply stated, the Council doesn't need the Board of Education's approval and can act unilaterally.

Now, this is something you most assuredly want to pay attention to. In this one-party town, you really, really, really don't want to see this happen here in Downtown Edison.

Too much control for too few!

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