Saturday, January 12, 2013

Full-time, Part-time - just hissy-fit time!?!

True to the on-going, yet tad bit embarrassing, dysfunctional internal Dem Party struggle for power and control in Downtown Edison, up pops newly anointed Council President Bob ‘See No Conflict’ Diehl with the latest and greatest, yet humorously self-serving, power grab. 

This time it’s to change the mayoral position from full-time to a part-time. Seems the Council is concerned that it’s way too much of a restriction on the mayoral candidate pool! So, he wants to now change the law and he says that it will be done by unanimous vote at the next council meeting come January 24, 2013. Hey, I’ll bet it will!

Really? It’s too much of a restriction on the candidate pool? This from a guy who knows full well how the candidate process works in the Local Dem Party and how the pecking order works! Simple truth is no one on the Council can run for mayor under the existing law and that puts a kink in the pecking order of this one-party town. 

Do you really think that if they change this position back to part-time, you can just walk into the local Dem Party headquarters and you’ll be picked to run for mayor? Good luck with that ‘open pool of candidates’ if you think this opens up the process for you.

It’s just silly - they’re all in a hissy-fit because no one on the Council can run for mayor and all that campaign money the EDO has won’t help them very much if you eliminate their position from the pecking order section of the recycle bin.

Now, come on, this is funny. They're going to change the law so any or all of us can run for mayor! Isn't that nice of them? Are you laughing yet?

“It probably does seem self-serving.." so says Bob 'See No Conflict' Diehl. Uh.. you think? In lieu of term limits, this law is the best way to keep anyone on the Council from running and perpetuating the one-party stronghold in Downtown Edison. Hmm..looks like it’s already working – Bob ‘See No Conflict’ Diehl says he’s not running and Rob ‘March on Trenton’ Karabinchak says he's 'Marching on  Trenton' and making a run for the state assembly.

Anyhoo, it's all blah..blah politics, going back to Jun 'RforMe' Choi, and it's all stacked against the residents. This is a one-party town that controls who gets to run and wins. You don’t get to pick anyone – all you get to do is vote (or not-it doesn’t matter) for their choice. 

Wouldn't it be better if the residents decided how they want the town to run and not the EDO?

By reverting back to part-time and 'opening the pool' all you would be doing is making sure the Dems keep their stranglehold control with their hand-chosen few. Don't let them.

So, I would suggest to you that without the Dem Party money and those waiting for anointment in the Local Dem Party, you'd actually give others the chance to run and win. What’s wrong with that if you really want to open up the process? Does everyone capable of being mayor have to be a Dem Party soldier and work his or her way up the pecking order before he or she can run and have a shot at winning?

Don’t be fooled – this is all about the Dems picking the next mayor – not you!

And seriously, anointing Rob 'March on Trenton' Karabinchak to the assembly? Is this the best the Dem Party could come up with in all of the 18th district? Here's a guy that shouldn't even be on the council much less elevated up the pecking order.

But there's good and bad news in that anointment. 

Good news - we get rid of him & his anomaly with the truth, he'll be less of a burden on the taxpayers being 1 of 80 and we won't have to put up with his charming personality.

Bad news - you gotta feel for all the other towns in the 18th district - for they know not what they get!

Finally, and not for nothing, just think how much better off this town would be if those people holding the power spent more time working with each other rather than feverishly conniving ways to stick it to each other! It’s embarrassing!

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