Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Some important dates over on Mythomania Lane

Well, just noticed that there's a Caucus Meeting tonight over on Mythomania Lane. From the agenda here you can see what they want to tell you about the meeting. These things really don't tell you very much and they're not even signed anymore. Guess you have to be there or watch the tape of it to see what's behind all those one-liners in the agenda.

A few things that stick out. As usual, there's no summary of any finance resolutions up for a vote on Monday. Then, there's the mid-year goals review - whatever that means. If it's the Board's Goals for the School Year 2012-13, you can see what they are and my take on them in the September 24th post. Also, there's some kind of resolution they're going to discuss in closed session.

Some important dates to keep in mind concerning the Board of Mythomania:

02/25/13 - Petition filing deadline for April Annual School Election (before 4:00 PM)
03/06/13 - Drawing for Ballot Positions for School Board Candidates
04/16/13 - Annual School Board Elections

Also, keep in mind that it's time again for them to ask for another big bucket of money to support their Out-of-Control $pending - aka, the School Budget for 2013-14, which will shortly be coming your way. By this time, it's likely that the board members have a draft (or will shortly) of it and we're not likely to see the preliminary budget until the end of February for a Final public hearing on the School Budget for 2013-14 set sometime at the end of March.

And, let's not forget any closed door sessions going on for a new Bond Referendum. You want to keep an ear out for that since it's not likely they spent $20,000 for a Demographic study just for the heck of it.

Anyhoo, you might want to pay attention to what's going on over there on Mythomania Lane these days - it's a tad bit of a busy time of the year for them.  

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