Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Top 10 Reasons

why you got to like newly anointed Council President Bob 'See No Conflict' Diehl's move to make the Mayor's position part time:

10. Because it's only a law and he can change it to the Council Members benefit.

9. Because Karabinchak keeps telling him that he didn't spend $100k against an opponent who only spent $3k for a single council seat for a single year - for nothing!

8. Because he's counting on you thinking that the people get to decide who runs for Mayor and not the EDO.

7. Because he's still mad at Ricigliano jumping the gun the last time around and squashing his bid to run.

6. Because he likes things that benefit the few at the expense of the many.

5. Because he wants to bring his buddy Massaro back as Chief of Staff and he can then run Edison from his office in South Plainfield.

4. Because he likes being against things that he's supported before - gives him a dash of you never know what he's going to do.

3. Because he's been on so many sides of the fence that he makes Rob 'March on Trenton' Karabinchak look like a bastion of conviction.

2. Because no one told him that this bit of hypocrisy would out-stink Charlie 'I Abstain' Tomaro's switch to supporting Wards just so he could help defeat Jun 'Rforme' Choi.

1. Because if he really wanted the people to decide who should be able to run for Mayor, he should of made it a ballot question back in 2009 and not waited to this silly season to whine about it.

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