Sunday, January 20, 2013

We're doing it for You! - gotta like that Council!

Just read the piece - 'Edison Leaders bid for higher offices' in the Star Ledger here. It's amazing how easily the hypocrisy spreads over there. Don't understand why the council members feel the need to hide behind us to further their political career path.

Hey, if you want to move up in the pecking order of the Dem Party, then say that's what you want to do and go ahead and do it - but don't say you're doing for all the rest of us in Downtown Edison with your silly, yet self-serving quotes in the article above.

Here's what I mean about these quotes;

If this is 'aimed at allowing all the others of the 100,000 residents who are interested in running' to run, then why would 'you have a lot of a domino effect' like 'chess pieces moving around the board?'

Doesn't that mean all those others of the 100,000 need not apply?

Geez, if the council members want to change the law so they can run for mayor, then just step up and admit it and stop with all this silliness that you're doing it for the rest of us Not in line on the chess board!

Enough already with this silly hypocrisy. Nobody's buying it and it's a tad bit disrespectful to the 100,000.

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