Friday, February 15, 2013

Oh boy - Maeroff goes off on Szilagyi

You know, it really disappoints me to see Board Prez. Maeroff go down the road of chastising  residents because of something they said or have written about the Board of Mythomania. In this case, a letter to the editor he wrote which you can see here. Now, I'm not going to waste your time by getting into this whole infamous $5.0 million lease purchase thingie for EHS here - you can see my take on it in a previous post. Just want to say a few things about his letter.

Maeroff's letter - 'Edison school board doing its job properly' is somewhat disingenuous and a whole lot of hot air. Now, that's not to say that he shouldn't push back on anyone that he disagrees with - he should and hopefully, it opens a debate. But, most likely, it won't. But I'm always amazed with all the resources available to him (including that one-man's opinion he writes under the From the Desk of Gene Maeroff) that he feel's the need to write letters to the editor. Must be taking advice from the Super.

Anyhoo, challenging the facts is one thing but stretching the truth mythomaniac style and making it personal to boot is another.

Really, this board never misled the public, is fiscally responsible and the most transparent in years?? You'd have to live over there on Mythomania Lane to believe that rhetoric. There's a whole list of things you can point to with this board to see that's not exactly true - starting with Super Richard 'Build the Trust" O'Malley who should be barred from anything having to do with numbers relating to this school district.

Finally, it's one thing to point out what you think is someone's misleading comments but it's quite another to do it by trying to hype your own.

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