Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Maeroff's PDA - Public Display of Annoyance!?!

You know, Board of Mythomania Prez Maeroff and his 'Silent Majority' over there on Mythomania Lane approved the Preliminary School Budget of $213.8 million at the February 25 meeting (or should I say the 'Preliminary Press Release' in the Sentinel here), which they proudly post on their website.

That's Nice but where's the Budget?!? It's now March 6 and they've had all the state aid numbers since February 28. Shouldn't that budget be in the hands of the resident/taxpayers by now - especially since it comes with yet another increase in


Of course, Super Dr. Richard 'Build the Trust' O'Malley doesn't tell you that in his 'Preliminary Press Release' to the Sentinel - that would be too informative for you to know and without a budget to see, you'd have no way of knowing. This leaves them free to only give you information they want you to have. 

But there is a School Tax Rate increase in those numbers they released to the Sentinel. Senor O'Malley says the Spending in this budget is $213.8 million and that's $1.6 million more that last year's $212.2 million. He further tells you that the School Tax Levy is $191.1 million and that's $3.1 million more than last year's $188 million.

When the School Tax Levy goes up, so does the Spending part of Your School Tax Rate. The only other piece missing is what the Ratable number is this year. Unfortunately, the Ratables have dropped another $50-60 million again this year. When the Ratables drop, Your School Tax Rate goes up.

So, this 'Preliminary Press Release' comes with an increase in the School Tax Rate because Spending has increased and Ratables have dropped. Now, before the hypocrisy begins over there on the drop in Ratables, let's remember that whenever the Ratables have gone up, the School District takes credit by saying people are moving here because of the Schools but when the Ratables drop - they run away and distance themselves and claim they have nothing to do with it.

Anyhoo, this 'Preliminary Press Release' comes with a School Tax Rate of $2.710, which is up 4.2-Cents or 1.6% over last year's School Tax Rate of $2.668. That's a tad bit more important than knowing when Senor O'Malley's Misinformation Tour will be coming to a School near you.

But hey, if information is knowledge, they're making sure we're the dumbest taxpayers ever to reside in Downtown Edison.

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