Thursday, March 28, 2013

What's Up with Edison's 2013 Muni Budget - on a need to know basis?!?

Granted, the Edison Municipal Budget of $118.2 million dwarfs in comparison the Board of Mythomania's $213.9 million but it's still something we should know about since we're gonna pay for that too.

As far as I can see, the Administration turned the budget over to the Council a few weeks back. But I don't remember the Administration explaining anything to residents either before or after they turned it over to the Council. For that matter, neither has the Council said anything about what's in this budget, why and what it will cost us.

Seems like important stuff to know! So, I went up to the Clerk's office and wrote down some summary numbers of what the Administration turned over to the Council. Now, there were no explanations or messages included in what I looked at and it's difficult to just look at numbers without knowing the substance behind them. Also, somewhat disappointing is the fact that there's no Muni tax calculation page, which they use to have in the past that shows the ratables used and the resulting Tax Rate.

Here's what it looks like after adding the ratables:
Now, as you can see, the Muni tax rate in this 2013 budget is basically flat to last years.

Anyhoo, recognize that this is the silly season and we're once again soon going to be treated to wonderful world of Local Dem Party Internal Politics about who's the Best-est in Downtown Edison to lead us forward - but hey, is it necessary to keep the residents in the dark about the 2013 Muni budget?

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