Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Edison BoE Incumbent Flyer - Curriculum Vitae-a-Mundo!?!

You know, with the silly season upon us, it's funny that the Edison Board of Mythomania incumbents are the first out of the blocks with their campaign literature. As a general rule here in Downtown Edison, these incumbent campaign flyers are usually loaded with outlandish claims of what they've done for us during their last term. Hey, who could forget Council Member Rob 'March on Trenton' Karabinchak and his claims of pinching every penny for us here in Downtown Edison!?! What a guy!

But I digress, so lets move on. So, you can imagine my surprise when someone left this BoE flyer in my door yesterday. It's a curriculum vitae of all the incumbents with no indication of what they've done and accomplished over their individual terms! Seriously now, they have nothing to say to the residents about what they did for the last three years? Oh wait, I forgot - they're part of the 'Silent Majority.' Unbelievable!

We're supposed to vote for these people because they're on certain committees, knowing where they work or what degrees they have? Isn't that what you do when you're trying to get on the board for the first time and not after your on and have a record? Nothing to say about your record?

Further, they claim this - 'Maintaining the Balance Between Quality Education & Fiscal Sustainability.' Not for nothing, but what the heck does that mean?!? How do you define 'quality education' - certainly not from the NJ ASK scores and what is 'Fiscal Sustainability' - renegotiate some labor contracts and just turn around and $pend the money somewhere else?

Finally, 'Keep the Focus on Educational Excellence' - once again, what the heck does that mean?!? How do you define 'educational excellence' - hire additional unbudgeted staffing and hide it from the residents in the budgets you're asking the residents to approve?

Now, with all due respect, Fiscal Responsibility, Accountability and Integrity & Independence are all nice words but don't you find it odd that not one of them points to a single thing they did while on the board that supports these words they're using?

Anyhoo, this campaign flyer is nice & glossy and probably cost a few bucks to print. Too bad there's nothing on it that gives you a single reason to vote for these incumbents again - unless of course, you like curriculum vitae as opposed to a proven record of performance in your board members. If they won't tell you what they're accomplished - why would you vote for them? What are we in the 'Trust Me' mode - I can't tell you what I did but vote for me anyway so I can do it again!?!

Here's their campaign flyer:

PS - please don't leave any more campaign flyers at my door. The less I see, the less I'll have to say.

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