Monday, June 17, 2013

Really - Russomanno out front for the Local Dem Party?!?

Just saw the piece in today's Star Ledger 'Campaign manager for Edison Dems questions mayor's ban on police donations.'

Maybe it's me but is Senor Russomanno now the spokesperson for the EDO?

Is his sage advice on the legality of banning police contributions in Downtown Edison really the Local Party's position? If so, where are the party leaders?

Perhaps most concerning is this line - 'It's not the money or the in-kind support a politician receives it's the conduct of those writing and receiving the money or support. No legislation or executive order can bind a person to morality.'

Really, it's not about the money - it's about the morality?!? What town does he live in?

Anyhoo, whether you're for or against this ban, one thing is for sure - hypocrisy knows no limit here in this one-party town.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Edison Council Follies - the disingenuous debate!?!

You know, it never ceases to amaze me how disrespectfully the all Dem-Council treats the residents and taxpayers here in Downtown Edison. Last night, I tried to watch some of Monday's Agenda meeting - hoping to hear about the Council Amendment to the $118.2 million Municipal Budget for 2013.

Not for nothing but it's already June and half the year is already over - if they wait any longer, we won't need a budget, we'll have the actual results! That's a tad bit sad but what did they say about their amendment to 2013 Budget?

Zilch, Nada, Nothing! It was listed on the agenda but they said nothing about it. Guess you had to be there on Monday to know what they did.

Anyhoo, we were treated to a 'Spirited Debate' on Council's role and responsibility for approving Library Board contracts. Apparently, Rob "March on Trenton" Karabinchak and his side-kick Alvaro "KaraMia" Gomez took exception to having to approve such a Library Board approved contract.

Senor Karabinchak went so far as to say he was pulling the resolution until he can get to the bottom of the matter. You Go Senor Karabinchak. And Senor Gomez, jumped right in arguing the process limits the Council's responsibility. It's all about the process, so they say.

So, is it that the Council doesn't know their own procedures or are they being asked to approve something they're not responsible for approving? Either way, it's all blah! blah!

Seems what they left out of their spirited debate is this tad bit of info - that the contract in question is for an award by the Library Board (not to exceed $6,300) for Lawn Services to Senor Anthony Russomanno.

You remember him, the campaign manager to the Local Dems here in Downtown Edison.

So, here's two things that should be done with this substance-lacking debate:

1. The Council Clerk should stash a bag full of Snickers on the dais for Karabinchak for every time he starts to lose an argument, and

2. The Council should stop with all the nonsense and just tell the residents who this contract was awarded to - whether they approve it or not.

Finally, it's hard to take Karabinchak & Gomez seriously - these are the same two people who adamantly said there was No Muni tax increase in 2011, when the tax bills were out and we already paid half the year's tax increase.

Oh yeah, guess who wasn't at that meeting for this 'Spirited Debate' - the Clerk, Senor Council Member Wayne Mascola (the Council Liaison to the Library Board) and Senor Tom Lankey (Chairman of the Council's Finance Committee). Guess it wasn't important that they try and make this meeting to engage in the debate. PS - I just heard why Council Member Mascola was not at the meeting. I wish him well and had I known, I wouldn't of included him above.

Don't you like being a Dem here in Downtown Edison and watching this stuff?

But hey, he's back: