Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Board of Mythomania's - Staffing Shell Game alive & well?!?

You know, as long as the Board of Mythomania fails to report out staffing changes to their budget and continues to hide all those Unbudgeted changes by failing to disclose it in the budgets you're asked to vote on - and You allow them to continue doing it, then this hideous practice will continue:
Can you seriously believe they've added 394.3 unbudgeted people to the staff over the years and they didn't tell you and therefore you didn't get to see it in their budgets or have a say before you voted?? Believe it, it's true - their own numbers show it. They know it but do it anyway.

Here's what it looks like by year:
Now, don't be confused when they report out additions and deletions by name in their monthly agendas - they don't relate any of that to what's in their budget. It's just a hodgepodge of names.

Anyhoo, until You make them report out their staffing changes to budget and get back some control over the Out-of-Control $pending over there on Mythomania Lane, the largest portion of your tax dollars here in Downtown Edison will continue to go into that Bloated Pot of Money they call a School Budget.

But hey, at least we're comforted in the knowledge that the Edison Council looks at it every time a School Budget is defeated - with eyes wide shut!

Gotta like what goes on in Downtown Edison - unchecked!

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