Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Hot off the Press - 'Edison eyes 9 percent tax hike.'

Well, there you go. Mayor ChoiLankey has finally gotten around to telling us (of course, through the press today) what his tax hike is for 2014. Good thing that the 'Fresh Start Tour Entourage', aka Edison Council, didn't tell us when they received the budget at the May 28th meeting.

A 9-cent tax hike that takes the Muni Rate up to $1.208. You can see what that tax hike means to your pocketbook in the previous posts.

Anyhoo, in the words of Melissa 'Beware the Perils of Perilstein' Perilstein:

'We feel that this is a responsible budget that will get us going in the right direction and move us forward.'

Well, there you go - Hey, I'm convinced - how 'bout You?!?

Anyhoo, the only thing responsible about this budget and Mayor ChoiLankey's stewardship to boot is that elections have consequences and we're responsible for letting hypocrisy control our lives and pocketbooks here in Downtown Edison.

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