Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Is it Public Safety, Censorship or just plain Hypocrisy?!?

Wow, just saw this piece in the SL - '2 Edison cops reprimanded for speaking publicly about manpower levels' here.

This is a tad bit scary news coming out of Mayor ChoiLankey's 'DemBadLands'. Seems the EDO, which supported Lankey over Ricigliano in the last election had no problem sharing info about police staffing levels endangering Your safety with this line out of one of their fliers in the last Mayoral election:


Don't recall Senior Lankey objecting to this flier or expressing concern about public safety when it went out.

Seems like what's Good for the Goose isn't Good for the Gander here in Mayor ChoiLankey's 'DemBadLands!'

Anyhoo, this truly is a tad bit scary and sure seems to take their usual hypocrisy to new lows.

Maybe it's time for Senor Lankey to take his own Party's flier advice and 'End this shameful behavior - Stop these embarrassing headlines.'

Just an after thought - Mayor ChoiLankey really shouldn't let his aides, Perilstein & Russomanno, speak for him:

Perilstein - 'Discussing public safety numbers in a public forum jeopardizes the public safety of residents of the town.'

Guess she didn't see the EDO flier.

Russomanno - Anthony Russomanno, the campaign manager for Edison Democrats in 2013 who now works in the Lankey administration, said the real issue here isn't a flier circulated by a group independent of the mayor's office, but the chief's efforts to reduce overtime costs. 'It's a matter of dollars and cents, Russomanno said. We're going to need their help in order to accomplish it.'

Guess he didn't didn't see the dollars and cents in Lankey's 2014 Muni Budget - with an 8% Tax Hike.

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