Sunday, June 1, 2014

Mayor ChoiLankey and his 'Fresh Start Tour' Entourage

So says Mayor ChoiLankey of 'DemBadLands':

'Tom Lankey and the Edison Council will lower costs, streamline services and find new revenues to KEEP YOUR LOCAL TAXES STABLE!'

So does Mayor ChoiLankey in 'DemBadLands!:

  • Raise the Sewer Tax 35% for Residential property and 50% for Commercial property
  • Increase Appropriations by $2.6 million
  • Reduce Revenues by $4.2 million
  • Increase Your Muni Taxes by $6.8 million
  • Increase Your Muni Tax Rate by 9.2-Cents or 8.3% from $1.116 to $1.208

Buy hey, not to worry - Mayor ChoiLankey just hired a public relations firm for $45,000 here to make this all sound good.

Anyhoo, hypocrisy continues to know no end here in Mayor ChoiLankey's Downtown Edison!

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