Thursday, June 26, 2014

Mayor ChoiLankey - Lost to the Dark Side!?!

You know, I like Senor Lankey. No doubt he's a very smart individual and could do some good things for the people of Downtown Edison, if he used his smarts to do it. Unfortunately, he isn't doing that - he's letting his smarts be trumped to do something else.

Given his four years on the Council & being Chairman of the Council's Finance Committee - he's the last guy in Downtown Edison that can credibly try and ambush You with humongous Tax Hikes in both the Muni & Sewer taxes - and try and do it with a straight face, to boot.

His 2014 Muni Budget with an 8.3% Tax Hike, asking for an additional $6.8 million, is simply laughingly unsupportable and his Mythomania Land Budget Presentation proves it. Nothing in those numbers or what he's done or said so far, supports such a huge increase. That's because he Can't support it. Throw in another $20 million in debt they're approving and you can see where he's going.

So, while I may be disappointed with Mayor ChoiLankey for not finding the balance between the Dem Party and the People of Downtown Edison, you should understand this bit of reality;

With all these bogus tax hikes & bonding to build up the township coffers at Your expense, Mayor ChoiLankey and his 'Fresh Start Tour' Entourage aren't investing in Edison, they're investing in the Local Dem Party - the Party that continues to make Edison safe for Hypocrisy.

Mayor ChoiLankey has truly chosen sides and is truly worthy of the title - Mayor of DemBadLands:

Anyhoo, I hope it's worth it to him because I always thought he was better than that. Guess I was wrong.

Just an End justifies the Means kind of Guy and they hope you just don't remember the means!

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