Wednesday, July 9, 2014

3rd Qtr. Estimated Edison Property Tax Bills are out!

Just saw the estimated 3rd qtr tax bill. While there isn't very much helpful information on it - the amount  due may be paid without interest until 8/11/14.

This estimate is calculated using an annual tax rate of 4.931 (per hundred), which is 15.5 cents or 3.25% up over last year's 4.776. This year's 4.931 consists of 1.212 for the muni tax, .20 for the garbage tax, .786 for the county taxes and 2.733 for the school tax.

If you want to know how much of an increase is in that amount on your 3rd qtr. property tax bill, just subtract that amount from what you paid for the 2nd qtr (May 1 bill). That will equal half the increase for 2014. The second half will be paid with the 4th qtr. tax bill.

Recognize that this 3rd qtr estimate assumes that the Edison Council leaves the Introduced Muni budget intact with a 9.2 cents or 8.3% tax hike.

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