Thursday, July 31, 2014

Time for a change in Super O'Malley's 'Refer To' Name!?!

Well, in this blog, I frequently refer to Super O'Malley as Dr. Richard 'Build the Trust' O'Malley. There's a reason for that - he said he was going to 'Build the Trust' here in Downtown Edison.

So, while waiting for that trust thingie to happen, what does this guy that we gave a golden opportunity to here (a 4.4 year contract with a huge starting salary, bonus possibilities plus other perks, all rushed in before the Super Cap became law) DO?

He publicly seeks employment elsewhere on our watch. Now, I'm sure he had his reasons but where I come from - that's a slap in the face to the people who gave him this opportunity and pay his salary, the residents and taxpayers.

Take it then, with this move, that his goal of 'building the trust' is a lost cause - how do you trust someone who does something like this?? You can't. Who wants someone is such an important and highly paid position looking for employment elsewhere??

You know, while the de facto leader of Edison's Board of Mythomania managed to get his contract renewed under these circumstances (subject to DOE approval of course - but Not Yours), you really have to wonder why this Board (in secret, of course) wants to give him another opportunity to slap us in the face again?!?

They should open up a new Super Search and give the residents and taxpayers of Downtown Edison an opportunity to select someone who really wants to be here to do what needs to be done.

Anyhoo, in the meantime - let's refer to him as - Super Dr. Richard 'Looking for the Exit Ramp' O'Malley. Who knows how long it will be before he finds it?

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