Friday, July 18, 2014

Top 10 Reasons - you gotta like the Board of Mythomania's handling of Super Dr. Richard 'Build the Trust' O'Malley's expiring contract!?!

10. Because you like seeing the Board of Mythomania give website updates on the Teachers' Contract Negotiations but provide Nothing on Dr. O'Malley's Contract Negotiations.

9. Because you find it encouraging when reaching out to the Board's Leadership on the status of his contract and getting the courtesy of No Response and, when you follow up, get an "Out of Office' Auto Reply.

8. Because you get greater comfort when you don't get a response from Board Prez. Veena 'Out of Office' Iyer, you reach out to the Board V.P. Dr. Frank and he follows suit.

7. Because you like it when you ask about the status of Dr. O'Malley's contract, their Silent Majority rises to new heights.

6. Because you like it when Your Super publicly interviews for another position and the Board of Mythomania doesn't think it's important enough to publicly explain to You.

5. Because you like it when they've already decided to renew his contract and don't bother to tell you that tad bit of a fact or get your input first.

4. Because you like it when they define transparency as 'On a Need to Know Basis' and You don't Need to Know what they're doing.

3. Because you like it when the people elected to represent You don't ask for public input until it's too late for Your input to matter.

2. Because you like it when You've invested a lot of time and money in a guy (now at $223k) and the Board negotiates and sends a new proposed contract to the State for approval without asking You - if that's what You want.

1. Because no matter how the State deals with O'Malley's current $223k against the Super Cap of $175k in whatever contract they've agreed to and submitted, You don't have a say in their decision to renew his contract - and that's just Not Nice!

He's Stayin' - whether You want him or Not!

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