Monday, August 25, 2014

Board of Mythomania - protecting their Guy for 4 more years with a Safe Haven Contract!?!

Recognize that tonight’s public meeting to renew Super Dr. Richard ‘Looking for the Exit Ramp’ O'Malley’s employment contract for another 4 years is just a farce. 

Asking for public comments when it’s too late for it to matter is typical of this Board of Mythomania's transparency. They’ve already got approval from the state and let the contract deadline for notifying O’Malley of non-renewal to expire. So, they’re renewing his contract regardless of what you say. They’ve decided to renew and you don’t get to have a say in that decision. 

Nice, isn’t it?

And that my friends, is a bigger problem than whatever amount of money or perks they give him under this new contract. 

Protect their guy no matter what.

You know, the People of Edison have given Super O’Malley a Golden Opportunity! If you look at his resume, it’s probably the best opportunity in his career up to this point. We let him come in and beat the new Super Salary Cap Law and gave him a substantial raise from his then current salary. We gave him a large starting salary with built-in annual increases plus bonus opportunities, an extended 4+ year contract and, to say the least, invested a whole lot of time and money in him.

So, how does he show his gratitude? By going out and publicly interviewing for another Super position back in March. Well, where I come from, that’s called Disloyalty – and you don’t Reward Disloyalty and you certainly don’t provide a Safe Haven Contract for him in case he doesn’t get the other job, even if he is your guy.

Seems to me, whether the board knew or didn’t know he was going to interview for another position, it became public knowledge back in March – and they certainly knew then. At that time, they should of invoked the non-renewal clause in his contract and opened the position up. As good as they think he is, there are good people out there, if not better that would like a chance at this opportunity.

We have a population of over 100,000, a school budget well over $200 million, 17 schools and some 15,000 students. A very important position in a very large district – and this board is allowing us to be held captive by O’Malley’s interviewing results? I think not.

Seems pretty clear how this thing is playing out. Earlier in the year, the board leadership meets with O’Malley and comes up with a contract. The leadership sends in down to Trenton for approval – without public input of course and, if I had to guess, probably without the input and knowledge of the rest of the school board. They get something back approved and call a meeting and renew his contract. All without caring what You think.

Now, I’m just one resident taxpayer and I only speak for myself but I don’t want O’Malley in this position, much less back for another 4 years. He clearly made a conscious decision to go elsewhere and that’s his call but, unfortunately, he didn’t get the job. He can’t come back now and try and say he’s committed to Edison. He’s not and the board should know that and not be providing a safe haven for him.

You have to have confidence in the person in that position that it’s all about Edison and not personal career opportunities. I certainly don’t have it in him. What I see is someone who will jump at any chance to exit if he sees a better opportunity. The board should have seen that from his resume.

His contract should not of been renewed. Providing a Safe Haven Contract for O’Malley on his job-hunting escapades is a serious Slap in the Face to the People of Edison.

Shame on the Board of Mythomania for not recognizing that their Guy is Not the Guy for us!!

But hey, let's give credit where credit is due for keeping this guy around so he can make Edison his next stepping stone to a better lifestyle:

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