Friday, August 15, 2014

Proposed: A Whopping cut of $141,000 off of Lankey's $6,818,889 Increase in the Local Tax Levy!

Well, just saw the 'Fresh Start Tour' Entourage's Proposed $141,000 AmendNOTment to Mayor Tom '8.3%' ChoiLankey's Muni Budget of $120.9 million, which comes with a Tax Rate of $1.208, which is up 9.2 cents or 8.3% over last year.

After you stop laughing, give them credit for cutting that unjustified and unsupportable increase in the Local Tax Levy of $6,818,889 - by $141,000. Boy, that's gotta really hurt Mayor ChoiLankey's plans for Your tax money.

Hey, but look what they've done for You, the People they serve here in Downtown Edison in this Proposed AmendNOTment. The Tax Rate goes from $1.208 to $1.206 for a whopping cut of two tenths of a cent and takes the 9.2 cent or 8.3% increase down to 9.0 cents or 8.1%.

And there You have the Back Hand of Lankey's Slap in the Face to the People of Edison with his 8.3% Tax Ambush.

So, just for the heck of it, what are You going to do with all that money they're not going to take from You in this tax increase?

In You live in that imaginary home assessed at $176,700, then that $163 increase in Mayor ChoiLankey's 2014 Muni Budget goes all the way down to $160 - for a reduction of, now wait for it - 


Anyhoo, the AmendNotment comes up for vote on August 27th - don't waste your time going, take the time to go out and treat the family to something special with that extra $3 this Council is letting You keep.

PS - if you don't live in that imaginary home - take Your home's assessed value divided by 100 and multiply that by .002 - and that's how much the Council is letting You keep.

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