Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Really - Mayor ChoiLankey bringing politics into the ALS Challenge!?!

Saw the piece here on Mayor ChoiLankey taking the ice bucket challenge for ALS. Great cause and happy to see him use his notoriety as Mayor of Edison to bring a spotlight on this terrible disease. Apparently, today was the first of two challenges he's going to participate in.

Having said that, it's somewhat disappointing to see that he found the need to inject local politics into the event.

'The event also underscored renewed cooperation between the Lankey Administration and the police unions.'

Really, I thought this was about raising awareness for ALS and not using it as a public relations opportunity. Was it really necessary to bring the police in to dump the ice water on him - the chief and two union reps? What, that's supposed to show something about his stewardship or was it just a photo op to try and score a few public relation points?

Since he's bringing politics into his ALS challenges, here's a thought. For his next challenge, maybe he can bring in some residents to dump on him, you know - the ones that he ambushed and dumped on with that 8.3% tax hike. That would make for a good photo op for him.

Anyhoo, I certainly hope that this isn't what he's spending $40k on for public relations.

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