Sunday, August 10, 2014

Will Edison's 9 percent tax hike stand - here in Mayor ChoiLankey's 'DemBadLands'?!?

Saw this piece here in the SL. While Rob 'March on Trenton' Karabinchak couldn't say whether the council will reduce the 9 percent increase... and his side-kick Alvaro 'KaraMia' Gomez says nothing is set in stone - don't you just get a warm feeling all over that they're looking out for us?

Does it really matter what they say? These are the same two that sat up there on the council in a previous budget and said there was no Muni tax increase - when there was a 2.9-Cent tax hike, the tax bills were already out and we already paid half of the year's tax increase. Their budget credibility factor left the train station a long time ago.

Too bad they'll be working right up to the night of the meeting, so nobody can see anything they're doing until their meeting. Convenient - for them. Unlucky for us.

Well, I'm convinced that Mayor ChoiLankey's 'Fresh Start Tour' entourage will do exactly what they need to do:

Anyhoo, isn't the suspense of not knowing what your 2014 Muni-tax increase will be - just keeping you up at night here in Mayor ChoiLankey's 'DemBadLands?!? Can you believe it - 8 months into the calendar year and we still don't have a budget for the year?!? But hey, we got 8 months actuals!

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