Monday, January 26, 2015

James Monroe School Construction Costs - $28,127,796!?!

Well, got some info today on the cost of this new school. You know the Board of Mythomania has a history of bloated bond referendums with these ambushes but this one kind of makes you just want to shake your head and say - are you serious? Is this a joke? Some $28.1 million for one school to house some 500-600 kids??

Did someone forget to temper the Wish List over there in the Land of Mythomania?

So anyway, according to their numbers, this Mythomania McMansion will cost $28,127,796, has 67,775 sq. ft. for a Cost/Sq.Ft. of $415.02 - or should I say a Whopping $415.02 Cost/Sq.Ft.

It's just unbelievable that they would put something as outrageous as this together and expect the people of Edison to go for it. Oh wait, silly me - they don't care if we go for it and they're not expecting us to go for it. They have a backup plan to negate any No vote by the residents by having the town bond for it. Brilliant plan du jour.

Here's the breakdown of their numbers:

Here's a chart depicting the breakdown of the Cost/Sq. Ft.:

Since it's hard to take these numbers seriously, I can't even bring myself to make fun of these numbers so - you can just chalk me up as a No Vote on March 10th.

You should do the same. It's way too much money and needs to be revisited with a dose of reality.

Anyhoo, since we're in the world of Mythomania and they're gonna be silly with this stuff then I can be silly too - does that mean if it costs $28,100,000 for one school then it will cost another half-billion to replace the other 16 schools?!? Hey, it's as good a number as their $28.1 million.

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