Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Top 10 Reasons why you gotta like the Board of Mythomania's Facts about the James Monroe $28.1 million Bond Referendum!?!

You can see their Facts here.

10. Because you've been out of town (in the cold) for a while and actually believe that with all that's going on in this town a school for 483 students should cost $28.1 million.

9. Because you're comfortable with facts and numbers coming from Super Dr. Richard 'Looking for the Exit Ramp' O'Malley - the inventor of the $80 fiscal year tax rate in the 2011-12 school budget, when a Yes vote at the polls was really costing you three times that or $242.

8. Because you like being misdirected over to the fight for insurance monies for the school and away from what really matters - the Cost of $28.1 million.

7. Because you like how everything is state mandated and the $28.1 million estimate comes from the architects - and don't wonder where..oh..where is the board.

6. Because you like their pre-announced plan to go around you and try and negate your vote if you Vote No on this Referendum.

5. Because you get a warm, fuzzy and trustworthy feeling from this board that failed to achieve 75% of their own goals, most notably, achieving only 2 out of 12 tasks to improve NJ ASK scores and a perfect score of 0 out of 5 tasks to improve relations with the public.

4. Because you really want to give this board another $28.1 million to Spend when they hoard taxpayer relief money and use it to increase $pending and, my favorite, continue to play the staffing shell game where, last I looked, they added some 394 heads to the payroll over the years and hid in in their school budgets by failing to disclose it to You on all those budgets they asked you to vote Yes on.

3. Because you like how they tell you about the $4.0 million in state aid but don't tell you that the state only pays a % up to a Max of $143.00 per sq. ft.

2. Because you like how they tell you the $28.1 million cost but don't tell you that the Cost per Sq. Ft. is a whopping $415.02.

1. Because this school district has serious space needs all over that need to be addressed and this $28.1 million by this board makes a mockery of the bigger picture and of the people of Downtown Edison.

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