Monday, June 29, 2015

Well, the 2015 Edison Sewer Bills have arrived here in the 'DemBadLands'!

According to mine, the first half payment is due July 15th, with a grace period until July 24, 2015. That's a residential rate increase of 2.5% and non-residential of 19.4%.

To get Your Residential Sewer Tax Amount for 2015 - Multiply Your 2014 Water Usage in Gallons x .003815 x .85 (15% discount).

Maybe I'm missing something, but always thought these bills went out sometime in April.

Here's the summary again of the 2015 sewer tax rates from Mayor Tom 'Now 11.1%' ChoiLankey and his 'Fresh Start Tour' entourage:

Now, with respect to the introduced 2015 muni-budget, currently sitting with a 3.1% increase - we're now some 179 days into the calendar year without an approved budget - and if you consider the council won't be taking up the introduced budget until the August meeting, that means we're gonna end up with an estimated tax bill for the August 1-3rd qtr. tax bill since they won't of adopted a budget in time to meet the deadline for the 3rd qtr. tax bills.

So, that means that while we may have an adopted budget sometime in August, we won't see a final tax bill for 2015 until the November, 2015, tax bills go out sometime in October.

Seriously, can you imagine what would happen in the real world if you didn't put a budget out until 3/4's of the budget year were already over and they already know the actual numbers - and you don't get to know what your final property taxes are for 2015 Calendar Year until October/November?!?

Anyhoo, who needs a budget anyway here in the 'DemBadLands?' Here's a thought, let's just have the council fight over the budget and delay adopting it until after the November election - this way everyone on the council gets to say and do what they want and Senor Lankey will have the actual numbers for the year by then and we won't even need a budget!

Kumbaya in Mayor ChoiLankey's DemBadLands - well, that didn't take long!?!

Saw the piece here in the SL - 'Kumbaya noises emanate from Edison Dems' and the photo of Keith Hahn shaking hands with Anthony Russomanno.

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm happy that someone stepped in to put their public feuding to an end and they can dump on each other privately, if they want, but you really have to wonder what Hahn was thinking to go along with this silliness. Kind of puts a kink in his credibility to lead the party for the People of Edison and not just the same old..same old for the party itself.

Certainly, there were ways for Chairman Hahn to accomplish the same goals of demonstrating Dem party unity for the 'groupies' and for the public's benefit without being marched out as a pawn in a photo op for the Local Dem party.

So says Hahn & Russomanno - 'It's a lot harder to make peace', Hahn said at the Democrats' Tano Mall headquarters, but they've worked hard to so so, with a common goal of electing Democrats. Russomanno nodded. 'I couldn't have said it better, he said.

Can you say Roll Over - Roll Over?

But hey, at least all the Local Dem pols took advantage of Hahn's comments:

'..Everyone in attendance said they agreed: With four council seats up for election in November, it's in time focus on electing Democrats. Everyone who spoke - literally everyone, from Lankey, to county Democratic Chairman Kevin McCabe, to all four council candidates, to Freeholder Charles Tomaro - echoed that sentiment.'

Yeah, it's time to focus on electing Dems here in Downtown Edison - anyone even remember when someone other than a Dem was elected here in Downtown Edison?!? But look, at least Charlie 'I Abstain' Tomaro showed up to lend his support. What would we do without his on-going sage guidance and commentary?

If you're keeping score - score one up for the Local Dems - thanks Keith:

Anyhoo, what do I know, I just hope Hahn brought some extra-strength hand soap with him to the meeting.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Round Two - Hahn Gets Bigger - Russomanno & Dems Smaller!?!

Saw the piece 'New Edison Dem chair blast foes, calls for audit of books'  here in the SL.

But hey, good to see that our local pols here in the 'DemBadLands' don't even respect the majority vote of their own committee people!?! And you thought your vote was important. Haven't you learned yet that your entitled to Your opinion and Vote here in Mayor Tom 'Now 11.1%' ChoiLankey's 'DemBadLands' as long as it's theirs?!? Speaking of which, where is Senor Lankey on this whole fiasco? But I digress, so let's move on.

If you're keeping score:

But hey, at least we're comforted in the knowledge that Anthony Russomanno has been hired as Council Campaign Chairman, for free of course, by Rob 'March on Trenton' Karabinchak & ticket to assemble a team for  their 2015 Council Campaign. They appointed their own finance person and treasurer to boot - isn't that something?!? That's gotta put a Big 'D' in dysfunctional - even here in Downtown Edison!?!

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Win by a Little - Lose by a Lot! - Let's Not Make it Worse by Becoming a Bigger Loser!!!

You Lost Anthony! 

Your Own Party People Rejected YOU!

Do Yourself & Everyone in Town a Favor 

Just Go Away!

Anyhoo, who wouldn't want someone running their campaign that couldn't even get themselves elected - even in a town with no real competition?!? Wait, I know - Rob 'March on Trenton' Karabinchak who once $pent $100k ($50k from the EDO) to win a Single seat on the Council for a Single year against an opponent who declared only Spending a Max of $4k.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

EDO Elections - June 8, 2015

Here's the election results for the above as I understand it (if I am incorrect or have anyone's name wrong, please advise and I will correct):

Chairman                             Keith Hahn
Vice-Chair                           Margot Harris
2nd Vice-Chair                    Lisa Hansen
3rd Vice-Chair                    Shariq Ahmad
Treasurer                           Maria Tomaro   (apologies-left this position out when I posted)
Recording Secretary            Linda Karabinchak
Corresponding Secretary     Jamie Palko

What sticks out to me is the Vice-Chair (who was just re-elected) is also a sitting member of the Edison Board of Education. Now, I don't know of anything that prevents anyone from holding these two positions and not suggesting there's anything wrong with it but it just doesn't seem right that the Vice-Chair of a Local Political Party that controls the entire Edison Muni-Government should also be part of the decision-making process for the Edison School District.

These are autonomous entities and kind of think there should be something in place that says maybe that's not something you want to do - even if you can.

I know, if I had known that, I certainly wouldn't vote for someone for the Board of Ed who held that position.

Anyhoo, it is what it is and thought it just a tad bit odd.

Nice to see this news here in Downtown Edison!

Just saw this piece here in the SL - '10 Edison cops receive awards.' It says the 200 Club of Middlesex County, a scholarship aid organization for the families of fallen cops, gave awards to 10 Edison cops in May. Please take the time to read it.

Congratulations and thank you to all award recipients and a Big Shout-Out to Lt. Ronald Mieczkowski for being a double award winner for valor and meritorious service.

Way to Go Ronnie - Good for You!

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Hahn 66 64 Russomanno

Saw the piece here in the SL about last night's vote for Chair of the EDO.


Sunday, June 7, 2015

It's one thing to play Follow the Leader with 'Doc' here in Downtown Edison

but it's quite another with Anthony - he's NO 'Doc!'

With all due respect to the 156 people who get to vote on a new EDO Chairman tomorrow night in a town where the only competition comes from the internal feuds within the party, think about what will happen to your party before you vote!

In a town with some 100k people, some 55k registered voters (25k Dems, 24K Unaffiliated and only 6K Republicans) and where it only takes some 8k votes to be elected mayor - you'd be inviting chaos and confusion into your leadership and most assuredly, allowing the disgruntled Dem factions and, let's not forget, the Republicans back into the fray - and a fray it will be.

Now, I am clearly not a fan of the EDO, the party that made Edison Safe for Hypocrisy, and have no interest in or realistic expectations from the EDO or what they do other than I am a Democrat and have lived in this one-party town for a long time and can always see ways to make things better for all the people and not just the few hand-picked insiders that benefit now.

I'd rather see real reform come from the Dems - at least those Dems who care about all the people of Edison and not those Dems who will say what you want to hear and pretend to be reformers to get in and then do something else when they do get in. We have far too many of the latter already.

Anyhoo, what do I know, if you're lining up your ducks for tomorrow night, let's hope the smart ducks line up behind the right person - and, not that you should care what I think, but that person isn't Anthony:

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Mayor Tom 'Now 11.1%' ChoiLankey - on Managing Tax Stability!?!

Saw this piece here in the SL on the CY 2015 Edison Muni Budget. Particularly poignant to me was this little blurb:

"Last year, officials said that four years of flat taxes under Mayor Thomas Lankey's predecessor, coupled with an economic downtown that took a bite out of property values, left the town in financial distress and prompted a big tax hike."

Hmm.. that's odd - look at this campaign flyer (from his mayoral campaign) that touted Mayor Tom 'Now 11.1%' ChoiLankey and his 'Fresh Start Tour Entourage's' efforts in keeping the tax rate flat for the last four years and taking credit for it to boot:

Also, look at the comment on their predecessors' inability to manage a $116 million budget. A budget that the current administration has taken up to $126 million.

Hmm.. let's see - sure seems Senor Lankey and his Fresh Start Tour Entourage have joined the occupants over there on Mythomania Lane in failing to recognize that Spending is an activity and not an accomplishment. He has taken the Spending up to $126 million and the Muni-tax rate up 11.1% in his short time at the helm in the 'DemBadLands.'

Yup, that's how tax stability is defined here in the 'DemBadLands' of Downtown Edison.

So, just to summarize this year's budget, the Spending is up $4,9 million or 4.0% to $126,471,452; the Local Tax Levy is up $3.1 million or 3.6% to $87,847,481 and the Muni Tax Rate is up 3.7-Cents or 3.1% to $1.244 per $100. The Spending increase of 3.6% is offset by a half of 1% due to the increase in ratables. So, if you live in that mythical average home assessed at $177,300, then you'll see a tax increase of some $66 on your property tax bill ($177,300/100 x .0373 ($1.244-1.206).

But hey - what do I know, You should listen to what the party that made Edison Safe for Hypocrisy tells You and then, more importantly, forget what they do to You as you go to the polls today to vote in an uncontested Dem party primary so they can keep doing it to You - and now from the one-and-only at-large 08820 zip code!

Anyhoo, good to see Mayor ChoiLankey and his Entourage worked hard to keep a Zero Tax Increase for four years and then worked even harder to try and blame the prior administration for doing so. DUH!

Silly me, I forgot something. Rob 'March on Trenton' Karabinchak said he wouldn't support a tax increase from Mayor ChoiLankey this year. He has a good track record on thingies like this.

I feel better now, don't You?!?

And just to show you the results of their very careful review:

Monday, June 1, 2015

Mayor Tom 'Now 11.1%' ChoiLankey's 2015 CY Muni Budget!

If you want to believe it - here's what their summary budget numbers are for CY 2015:

Just a Shout-Out to Rob 'March on Trenton' Karabinchak in tomorrow's Uncontested Dem Primary here in Downtown Edison!?!

Don't risk it - make sure you vote for yourself!

Anyhoo, for the rest of the Dem party groupies here in Mayor Tom 'Now 11.1%' ChoiLankey's 'DemBadLands' make sure you get out to vote the rest of the ticket so we can have all 7 Council Members from the North-side of town and help shorten their general election bumper stickers - The '08820' Ward of 1.