Sunday, July 26, 2015

Rob 'March on Trenton' Karabinchak wants to be the Poster Child for 'What's Right' Here in Downtown Edison!?!

On wait, that was Rob the Council Candidate (oops..a Freudian slip, no doubt) making a 15 minute or so speech pretty much about himself at Wednesday's Council meeting on something that the rest of the Council avoided talking about and saying, pretty much anything at all on.

If that's not proof enough for you that this guy is just trying to make himself look good (impossible as that may be) and shouldn't even be a Candidate for Council - much less a sitting Council member - then nothing will.

He's a Poster Child all right - A Poster Child for Everything's that's Wrong with the Edison Council and the EDO selection process!

That 15 minute poorly thought-out and ineloquently delivered rambling performance of his was by far, in my opinion, the most inappropriate waste of the people's time that anyone in town should have had to endure - whether you had to sit there and listen at the meeting or watched it on the local access channel.

And, if Senor Karabinchak wants to say he speaks for the Administration - then, I suggest Mayor Tom 'Now 11.1%' ChoiLankey spend some of that new muni-tax hike money and hire someone to monitor a 5 second delay switch on his council microphone. Geez, just because he thinks he knows Lankey's position on something doesn't give him the right to speak for him - unless, of course, he thinks he's the unofficial Deputy Mayor of the 'DemBadLands!'

Anyhoo, here's Council Candidate Karabinchak's poor attempt to explain something that just makes things look worse for himself, while saying a whole lot of nothing new doing it!

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