Sunday, July 19, 2015

Sorry, but You Can't Solve any Serious Problem in Edison's Dysfunctional Political Arena!?!

Just saw this piece 'Investigation, subpoenas possible after Edison racist test scandal' - here in the SL. With all due respect to my friends in the Local Dem Party, the last people I would want investigating anything is them - especially investigating each other.

Asking one faction of the Dem Party to investigate another faction in the party would be a tad bit useless and tantamount to watching a re-run of Keith Hahn & Anthony Russomanno fiercely going at it in public - only to end up with Hugs & Kisses in a photo-op or for watching one faction maneuver around to gain some advantage over the other faction.

As one who believes the Local Dems are the party that made Edison safe for hypocrisy, the party that spends more time fighting for power and control with each other (with their constant internal power struggles and strife) than they do fighting for the people of Edison and finally, seriously lack any credibility since you never know which faction they're siding with on any given day and hence, what position they're going to take or what they're going to say.

The last place you would want to go to solve a serious problem for the people of Edison is in Edison's dysfunctional one-party political arena.

Serious problems deserve serious, independent and unbiased people to address them - and the only way to do that is for the people of Edison to ask for outside help whenever such problems come up.

Anyhoo, don't claim to know the facts of this particular event or if what the Mayor did was correct or if what the Council wants to do in response is justified but I do know this - I don't want see the people of Edison embarrassed again by the Dems taking their dirty laundry public in an arena where it doesn't belong.

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