Friday, April 29, 2016

Congratulations to Dan Michaud - 30 Years of Service to the Edison School District!!

Wow, 30 years - that's pretty awesome, so congratulations to you Dan. Didn't want to let that significant accomplishment go by without recognition. Even as a staunch critic of the EBoE, you have to recognize and give credit where credit is due. And this is one of those occasions.

I have known Dan for many years now and have never known him to provide anything less than excellent service to the school district, the township and the public.

And believe me, I know - I have bothered and pestered him with my share of OPRA requests for BoE documents.

And because of that, we've developed a mutually respectful relationship over the years - I respect his duties and responsibilities as business administrator and he respects my right to access public documents when they become available.

I never ask him questions about things that aren't in the public domain and he provides the documents I do request when they do come into the public domain. Even if I think something is in the public domain and it's not - he tells me that but also when they will be available. Can't ask more than that from a school official.

His professionalism, intelligence and a wealth of knowledge is and has been a major asset to our school district and this township.

More importantly, he's a Cool Dude and a Good Man!

So, Kudos to You Dan and this one's for You:

Anyhoo, and just so you don't get in trouble with Super Dr. Richard 'Looking for the Exit Ramp' O'Malley for me saying you're my friend, let me say this - I really don't like you Dan Michaud! :)

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