Thursday, April 21, 2016

Karabinchak for State Assembly from the 18th District? - If you've seen him in action, why would you want him?!?

Saw this piece here in the SL about those wishing to pursue the open Assembly seat from the 18th District once Senator Barnes moves on to a superior court judgeship and Pat Diegnan moves up to his vacated  seat in the state senate.

Looks like there are four who are interested in filling the assembly seat; three Edison Council members and a Councilwoman from Highland Park.

Karabinchak felt confident that he would have the Party's backing. 'I believe the Party has seen me; they believe in what I can do, not just in Edison, but in the county and New Jersey,' Karabinchak said.

Now, not for nothing, but you really have to think about that self-serving statement (after you stop laughing, of course)  - and say Really?!? If you took the time to watch and see this guy in action, then the Party would have to conclude - Anybody but Karabinchak.

Here's a guy that shouldn't even be on the Council, has switched sides more often than anyone I've ever seen here in Downtown Edison, has a political persona that would make anyone watching cringe every time he's challenged or simply asked a question he doesn't like, and all the other thingies you can read about in previous posts.

Now, I'm a Democrat and I pay attention to what the Council says and does here in Downtown Edison and I would never support or vote for Karabinchak for all the above reasons - and you really have to ask this question:

Why would any of the some 340 Middlesex County committee members support a guy who doesn't even Support his own Local Dem Party Chairman. He wants your support but won't give his support to his own Local Party Chairman who was duly elected by committee members?!?

Go with Anybody but Karabinchak for the Assembly seat - we shouldn't pass along our local dysfunctional political abnormalities on to all the other towns in the 18th District. They don't deserve it.

Anyhoo, if the Dems are truly a party for the people, then there should be no place for Karabinchak in the state assembly.

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