Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Top 10 Reasons

why the EDO Committee people should Vote for Rob 'March on Trenton' Karabinchak at their convention for the upcoming open Assembly seat in the 18th District:

10. Because you want Your Vote to be a Race to the Bottom.

9. Because You want Your Mistakes to be Highlighted at the State level.

8. Because Charlie 'I Abstain' Tomaro endorses him and You don't see anything wrong with that.

7. Because You like Helping someone who is Only Looking to Help Himself.

6. Because You want to Confirm that You're the Party that has made Edison Safe for Hypocrisy.

5. Because You like Supporting someone who Doesn't Support the Chairman you Elected.

4. Because You like being Manipulated into Choosing the Least Qualified of the 3 Candidates.

3. Because Appearances are Deceiving and You Like Being Deceived.

2. Because You think Politics in Edison is about taking advantage of the People of Edison - not Helping them.

1. Because You Want to Always be Known as the Party that Chooses Form over Substance when Substance Should Prevail.

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