Monday, September 19, 2016

Edison BoE - Current Contract Salaries - $134,451,496 for 1,952 Heads

Well, just received the EBoE current contract salary file. It has staffing of 1,952 for $134,451,496. Here's some summaries of the data in the file, which is by person, location, title and contract salary.

Salary Ranges:

It shows those making over $100k represent 23.4% of the heads but earning 37.4% of the dollars. Likewise, those making under $100k represent 76.6% of the heads but earning 62.6% of the dollars.

Salary Range Graphic:

By Title;

It shows the amount by title broken down by the average, median, high and low salaries.

Here's the table put together from the data. It's set on Principals but you can sort the file any way you want depending on what you want to see:

Here's the same data in a pivot table:

Finally, here's the Top 50 sorted from the table:

These are pictures from the Excel file and if anyone wants the Excel tables with all the data, just drop me a note. You're welcome to it.

Anyhoo, it's a snapshot of where we are now.

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