Sunday, October 30, 2016

Edison BoE elections - No longer Non-Partisan?!?

Well, it didn't take long for us to pay the price for moving the Board of Mythomania school board candidate elections to November. They took away our right to Vote on Bloated and Out-of-Control School $pending Budgets which now exceed $230 million - and for what??

To save the $50k it costs to hold the election? Not really, the Board of Mythomania saves nothing. If they underspend one -line of their budget, they just re-purpose it to another line. There is no savings that comes back to You, the resident/taxpayer who funds 90% of their operations.

So, here's what you get. An infiltration of the Edison Dem-Party Oligarchy that now rules the Municipal side of town. You get the Chairman of the EDO offering his personal choices of Araujo, Brescher and Ward in the local papers to fill the three open seats on November 8th - and Brescher is a Dem-Party Committeeman from the 54th District.

And here's some of what you get after looking at the Araujo, Brescher and Ward website and FaceBook pages where they show support for the Dem candidates in this cycle:

1. Pages you may like on Brescher's public FaceBook page, Karabinchak for Assembly, The Edison Democratic Organization and Joe Coyle for Edison Council along with their marking-up the BoE's sign.

2. An Endorsement they received from AFSCME.

3. And this picture they put up of a few Dem-Party faces you'll recognize.

And finally, remember this guy with the longest title in Edison thanks to Mayor Tom 'Now 13.7%' ChoiLankey (CampaignManagerLawsuitSettlementRecipientConstituentRelationsAdministratorPlanningBoardMemberAssistantDirectorDPW)

Seems EDO Chair wannabe Anthony Russomanno likes Brescher, Araujo and PENG. And that's fine, he can support whomever he wants but take it he likes PENG more since he capitalized her name. Kind of makes you wonder though what the guy with all those Dem-party political titles is doing supporting someone who claims to be independent and with no political ties in local articles and her campaign material.

Hmm..if she wants to claim independence with no political ties, then the last guy she should want supporting her is this guy.

Anyhoo, at least we're comforted in the knowledge that the EDO doesn't take sides in School Board elections here in the 'DemBadLands' of Downtown Edison!

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